General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Tuesday September 18th

Crow Tarot Reading

Good morning!

By taking a break from the drama you will be able to see your situation for what it is and although it may not be perfect gaining that knowledge will create a sense of optimism as it shines a light on your strengths. An opportunity will come into focus - one that if taken will lead to a feeling of being in alignment with your purpose.

The crow finds itself in a difficult position - however instead of struggling it leans in and surrenders to gravity. Letting its wings fall the crow feels the stress it once held slip away. From this place of acceptance, the crow uses its energy to see the world from a different perspective, taking it all in as this opportunity doesn't come every day. 

With the Hanged Man in the past position, you stopped struggling with regards to a situation you had no control over and instead let the events play out while watching and learning from the sidelines. By staying unbiased you were able to see the situation from all angles - giving you more insight into the situation as a whole. 

The Crow showers in a bright light cast by a star as feelings of negativity and fear are washed away - replaced with a greater understanding of its personal strengths and talents. The crow stands with one foot on the ground denoting that it is grounded in reality while the other foot is in the water showing that the bird relies on its intuition as well to find success. 

At the heart of today's reading is The Star amplifying feelings of optimism and hope. It is because of this powerful light energy that you are attracting support and as a result, you may be feeling lucky around this time as tasks or projects fall into place easily.

If you have been feeling lost or uncertain of your life path - this is a great time to connect with the Star energy. This is something I do when I need to get back into a positive mindset:  I stand still envisioning a bright white light coming down and into my head (crown chakra) - using my imagination I feel it flow down through my body and out my feet into the ground. Sometimes I picture it picking up or washing out any negative gunk that has built up - flushing it out of my system. It only takes a few moments but I almost always feel my energy recharge after doing this. 

The positive energy of the Star will attract to a significant opportunity that will open the door to a situation that will give you a strong sense of purpose. 

The crow drinks from the large cup - drawing in a divine energy. It is from this place that the bird feels true love - not just for another but for the world as a whole. 

The Star shines a light on the Ace of Cups as this card brings with it an opportunity to experience a strong sense of purpose - you will feel connected to something greater- something that has you motivated to succeed not just because it will provide physical comfort but because it will also fill your soul emotionally and spiritually. 

With the Star and Ace of Cups coming together - this is a powerful and transformative time when signs are being illuminated for you to follow and in doing so you will find a karmic passion - it may be the relationship of a lifetime, it may be your calling as a profession - let your intuition be your guide!

"It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves." ~William Shakespeare




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