General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Wednesday April 11th

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crow tarot reading
Good Morning! 
A decision will need to be made because whatever you have shackled yourself to is not sustainable nor will it prove to be beneficial for creating anything of value in your life.
The King of Pentacles is a loving, generous crow. With his Midas-touch, he can manifest all that he desires with ease, and because of this, he relishes in simply sharing his riches without expectations as his goal has always been to spread the wealth.
The King brings a solid foundation to your situation, one that is rooted in a firm mindset that allows for abundance to flow in effortlessly because you are able to let it go with the same amount of ease. Whether you were raised in a wealthy home or not, you have the ability to see and feel the riches the world has to offer. 
The Devil crow, ever the opportunist can be charming and seductive, it loves to lure its victims in by confirming their fears and promising to fill their desires - and once they become enamored by the services rendered by the Devil - they become shackled to their weaknesses. 
At the center of this spread and at the heart of the matter is a relationship with something or someone that seemed enticing at first, but now has taken control of your spirit. This card comes as a warning - there is a dark element in your life, one that is not serving you, instead, you are serving it.  This may be an unhealthy relationship that you can't seem to quit or an addiction that is jeopardizing your future - the Devil may even be a belief about yourself that keeps you chained to the same old job - out of fear of trying something new. Take a moment and ask yourself are you free or have you been seduced by an idea that isn't in your best interest or will offer any long-term happiness? Is there a destructive element preventing you from living a life of fulfillment?
If you lean on your strong foundation to free yourself from the Devil, this may require asking for help from a generous and/or compassionate family member or friend - you will discover you have the power to weaken the chain that binds. 
The crow flies upward in perfect balance and has the ability to see a situation from a higher perspective. With a sharp logical mind, any decision it makes is one that is rooted in fairness and facts. 
When you take the first steps to free yourself from the Devil, you will be faced with a decision. Although it may seem small at the time - this decision will have a major impact and one that will break you free. Justice at time ushers in an energy that will help you to see your situation from a neutral stance. Any emotional ties will fall apart and as a result, the destructive energy of the Devil will be crystal clear - the rose-colored glasses will be removed. The once seducing charm of the Devil will seem transparent and because of this, the once strong and restrictive energy will be dissolved. 
We all fall victim to the Devil at some point or another in our lives - whether it is falling into the trap of the "victim" mindset - that feeling that keeps us down because we believe "the world is against me - nothing ever works out of me..." or even a belief of not being qualified enough to go after a dream. The Devil energy works in many ways - it is what keeps us addicted to unhealthy foods, or opting over binge-watching Netflix at night instead of working on something that will lead to a better life. For some, the Devil is more destructive as it seduces its victims with substances that are harder to shake than a morning croissant habit. The thing I learned about the Devil over the last 40 years is that it doesn't like to be seen - it enjoys working behind the curtain where it is most strong. As soon as you identify it - call it out - the Devil loses a bit of its power and the longer you stare at it and acknowledge it for what it is - that is when the chains controlling you become weak enough to break. 
The vibe I get here is to lean on those who are willing to help, whether it be with emotional support or financial support - if that is required. Help is there - because of the strong foundation you have created - however it is your decision to make. 

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