General three card Crow Tarot Reading - Wednesday April 18

General three card Crow Tarot Reading - Wednesday April 18

Crow Tarot Spread

Good morning!

Has life become a bit boring? Perhaps you have reached a point of maturity and are settled in a world of responsibilities, but that is okay because you thrive on ticking off the chore boxes - that is what you need to feel secure. Life may be comfortably rigid for you now, but be aware - although you can't see it at the moment, your life is about to get a shakeup for the better. 

The crow of the Page of Pentacles sat on a blossoming branch as it gazed at the pentacle.  This young bird manifests that which it holds in its mind's eye and brings a youthful energy, one that is determined to create.  

The page denotes a childhood of creating and learning how to maneuver in the world. You may have had more opportunities to explore, perhaps family vacations or a relative who took extra care to nurture your dreams. It was this foundation, that created your belief system and how you approach life today as an adult as It was at this time you learned the value of money and maintaining responsibilities. 

The Queen of Swords is a very logical, stern figure - she is a rule follower to the highest degree and will insert her opinions whether or not they are solicited. For this bird, there is no room for emotions when making a decision as her mind operates in a world of strict fact or fiction - she cannot conceive any grey area. Although not always intentional, she does send a chill in the air as her viewpoints are often perceived as rigid or jaded. 

Interestingly, the Queen paid a visit yesterday in the same position, at the heart - because of this I am taking it as a clear indication from the Universe that there is an issue around not living in the now and only focusing on the "what ifs" of the future. 

The Queen in the present position is wrapped up in the monotony and responsibilities of day-to-day life, planning for a future that even she cannot be 100 % certain of. The problem with this is that she is unable to experience the powerful energy of living in the now - as that is where gratitude resides. When we appreciate the place we are in at this moment and worry not whether it will be there the next day - we open the door for more opportunities. In addition, when we focus our attention on maintaining the status quo, we become blind to any small shifts that happen around us.

An example might be the parent who is only focused on providing their children a life of material possessions but miss the fact that their kids are growing up without a real loving relationship or bonding and as a result, the kids become emotionally detached or bullies. 

The Knight of Pentacles brings a strong energy - one of creating a new deeper path, one that is solid and transformative.

With the Knight in the future position, he brings a message that help is on the way. Because the present energy is focused on planning for the future - the Knight of Pentacles will enter and take on the burden as additional resources will be available, and because of this, the present strict, rigid energy will loosen as it becomes balanced. The Knight may enter as a person who will be able to lift any financial burdens or may be an opportunity for creating more wealth, while at the same time allows for more free time so that you can nurture your soul. 

"The power for creating a better future is contained in the present moment: You create a good future by creating a good present. " Eckhart Tolle



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