General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Wednesday August 15th

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Wednesday August 15th

Crow Tarot Reading

Good morning!

There is a low vibrational energy entering today as a result of focusing on what isn't working or what has been lost. Much like riding a bicycle we move in the direction we focus on and you have a choice  -you can ride down an open road or into a brick wall.

The loving and motherly queen ensures that all around her feel the abundance of the kingdom and wants for nothing - all is provided. This Queen is a generous creature who has an endless supply of resources available to her and because there is no fear of running out - she offers her support to all those in need.

The foundation for today's reading is the Queen of Pentacles indicating that in your youth you had a secure environment. This doesn't mean wealthy per se but rather you never felt lack - you had plenty of food, clothes, a roof over your head and although it may not have been fancy and you may not have realized how tight of budget your family was on - you always felt secure financially. As a kid - life was pretty sweet and you were able to enjoy being a kid - being free to play with little worry about resources.

The Queen of Pentacles represents your core foundation - one of stability around resources and security and it was this energy that serves as a baseline for normal. 

The crow stands on the riverbank consumed by feelings of loss. Three of its five cups are gone and because of this the crow can only place its attention on what it lost - It spends most of its waking hours analyzing the events that led to the loss, the contents of the cups - how they looked and how they felt. The crow grieves and questions its own responsibility in the loss. 

The crow is stuck in an endless loop of lack, anger, despair, regret, and sorrow.

However, if the crow simply looked behind him - he would see that not all has been lost and that there are still two cups worth appreciating. Also if the bird looked up he would see a clearing through the trees that would lead to a new adventure. 

With the Five of Cups serving as the present energy the question this morning is what are you focusing on that is keeping you either stuck in the past or in a feeling that shuts you off from growing?

With the Queen of Pentacles serving as your foundation - you may be comparing then versus now and if your life isn't as stable as your remembered childhood - this may be a source of unhappiness around your current situation. 

The message of the Five of Cups is to direct your focus to the parts of your life that are working - they may be small at the moment but can serve as an anchor.

Taking the time to grieve is vital - however, the Five of Cups indicates that while mourning what you have lost - you are losing sight of what you have and those parts of your life need your attention. All is not lost - take the time to appreciate what you do have and in doing so feelings that help you move on and up will grow. 

The crows in the trees roost in the warmth and security of the pentacles. There they are protected from the harsh elements outside and enjoy each other's company. Without using their energy on worrying or feelings of fear - they attract more opportunities to build upon their wealth.

In contrast, the crows that hop along the ground battle a bitterly cold headwind and their focus is solely on surviving. They use their energy to push forward - however, if they simply looked up they would see the path to comfort and stability is within reach - they just can't see it because they are too focused on battling the harsh elements. 

The Five of Pentacles supports the Five of Cups and asks if you are missing an opportunity for success because you are too focused on getting through the storm. Is a current stressful situation demanding too much of your energy and as a result, you are putting in more effort than needed as an easier solution is within reach - you just need to redirect your focus to see it. 

With the Five of Cups and the Five of Pentacles, your current situation and how you proceed resides in how you choose to see your situation - how you control your emotions and where you direct your attention. The reality is - there is no amount of sorrow or regret that will transform or bring back what you have lost but you do have the power to move forward and find happiness and/or success again. What resources do you have available to you that you may have been neglecting? 

You have a strong foundation in regards to feelings around security and if there is a shakeup or a crack in that foundation it can be hard not to focus on that thing that evokes feelings of uncertainty - however let the shakeup be an opportunity to learn and grow - add this situation under your belt of things you are mentally capable of overcoming. There is a solution to your situation - one that will bring you back into that harmonious feeling of comfort and security - you just need to stop battling something that in the end doesn't go anywhere and instead look around for another possible solution. 

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them - that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like." ~ Lao Tzu








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