General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Wednesday August 1st

Crow Tarot Reading

Good morning!

First - let me begin by saying CAW CAW - what you are looking at is the final deck! I had some decks expedited for those who backed the Crow Tarot in January! 

The crow stands in a lush garden symbolizing abundance and beautiful new beginnings. With one foot in the water and the other on the land, she is able to experience both without sacrificing the reality of either. The most meaningful lesson she learns during this time is how to carefully transfer the water from one cup to another - it is here that she discovers balance and patience. 

The Temperance card came through this morning in the past position as a reminder - there was a time when you needed to exhibit grace under pressure. This was a move to the middle moment - and although it would have been very easy to take sides or allow your emotions to run amuck - you didn't. The situation was resolved with the best possible outcome as a result of your patience and the ability to balance your emotions.

There was a lesson that came out of this period that will be relevant today or in the near future. It will be your ability to recall the strategy of this time that will enable you to find balance and harmony - even if you running through projects or responsibilities a mile a minute.

The crow rises into the air - combining raw energy with action as it works to manifest a new desire. To create magic this bird knows that although pulling the ingredients together is part of the process - the magic actually happens when action is added. With a pure heart and total conviction - the Magician gets to work.

At the heart of today's reading is the supportive energy of the Magician as it will be with his help that you are able to combine all the necessary elements to create your desired result. The Magician energy comes in with a boost - it helps you direct your energy in the right areas so that you create the opportunities needed for success.

I think of the Magician like this: You already have the flour, the water, the salt, and the yeast and separately they are just what they are - however, if you combine them in any old fashion they become something else or a bit of a mess - BUT if you combine them in the right way - add some heat to the process and give it time - you have a warm delicious treat and a nice smelling kitchen. The Magician energy is the recipe (it is the action that comes from intention) - it creates the order that the elements need to come together. You still need to do the work and put the effort in - and add the heat (passion for what you are creating) - in the end, it will be worth the effort. 

The crow swoops down and lands on a single wand that marks the beginning of a trail. The clouds clear and in the distance, a city appears - one that the bird has never seen before and yet feels drawn to it.  With spring flowers sprouting up around the wand and little white feathers falling in front of it - the crow knows that this excursion was not a random one - it was divinely guided. 

The Ace of Wands arrives to support the energy being offered by the Magician as it indicates that what will be created in the present will lead to a new path - one that will have you moving in a new (guided) direction. This may indicate that you will find yourself shifting direction altogether as a result of what is manifested in the present moment or near future in order to be in alignment with your purpose. 

With the Temperance card setting up this reading I feel that it will be important to find balance during this very active period - things are progressing quickly and new opportunities will appear as if by magic. You may feel as though you don't have time for everything or everyone in your life - but it will be important that you remain in touch with the parts of your life that are your support - that fuel you (keep your toes in - even if it seems impossible to do at times)  in order for this new found success to be sustainable over time and to ward-off burn out - a work/life harmony will be essential.

“When you stop existing and you start truly living, each moment of the day comes alive with the wonder and synchronicity.” ~ Steve Maraboli



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  • Deborah

    I felt like this reading was just for me today. Lots of Aries energy, here. Much inspiration with guidance to reach for balance in action and words. Thanks, I needed this.

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