General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Wednesday August 8th

Crow Tarot Reading

Good morning! 

This energy that is forming this Wednesday is one that draws out emotion - if you haven't started already - soon you will be feeling good about where you stand.

The aggressive crow made a bold move and claimed the land as his own. This didn't go over too well with the other birds - some flew away in search of a new less hostile place to reside and others played dead in protest. The actions of the others didn't bother the crow too much as it felt its actions were justified. 

The Five of Swords in the past position indicates that your current situation is directly linked to a time when you made a bold move - one that didn't go over well or may have surprised those around you and as a result, your actions may have been perceived as selfish or aggressive. This need not represent a negative time - this may have been when you stood up to someone and took control of your own life and as a result took some of their power away. In their mind, your actions may have been seen as selfish but in reality, you were just doing what was best for your emotional stability. 

An example of justified "selfishness" that would lead to a better situation for the future - you quit your job mid-shift because your boss was a handsy troll and you had enough  - leaving him scrambling to cover your work.

The crows gather yet again to celebrate - they aren't celebrating a big moment - but instead a small victory - something that has become a habit for these fun-loving birds. Getting together regularly in the lush garden full of food and drink is something they look forward to and keeps the birds motivated to push through tasks when the days seem very long.  

At the heart of today's reading is the Three of Cups bringing strong positive emotions around friendships and connecting with those who refuel your spirit. 

If you have been feeling overwhelmed or stressed out - the message this morning is to allow that energy to ease by bringing in some downtime with friends who are positive and supportive. Summer (at least in the Northern Hemisphere) is a great time for this as people are more apt to get together as the days are longer. If it has been awhile since the last time you got together with friends - then it is time! 

The Three of Cups energy is about celebrating and having fun - its about building connections with people on a deeper level and feeling emotionally secure - and when you are able to tap into that feeling you will notice that your confidence level increases. When you feel good and self-assured you automatically send signals out that you are receptive to new experiences and opportunities making this a great time for meeting someone new or going for a job interview. 

If you your circle of friends aren't exactly the most supportive to be around - this energy will also help you to find groups to join that will feel natural whether it be a social cause you care deeply about or a group of people with a shared interest. Either way this energy is supporting your efforts to connect with others.

The young creative crow hopped onto the rim of a cup that washed up on the shore. Inside the cup was a little fish - and although the bird was hungry it listened to the fish instead of eating it. The fish told a wonderful tale of life under-the-sea, delighted and entranced the crow hung on every word - eager to not to miss a single detail.  

The Page of Cups brings a youthful and charged energy -adding a bit of zing to the emotions carried in by the Three of Cups. If you do join a new group or meet a new relationship - the positive feelings that surround you will be heightened as the Page's youthful exuberance amplifies the situation. You may be feeling anxious to create something more substantial in a short amount of time - however there is a warning to not rush in too strongly. Take your time and let the foundation form as it will be one that will have a solid emotional base. 

Despite the situation in your past - where you are today is a place of being emotionally supportive and being part of a group that treats each other with mutual respect. Gone are the days of the Five of Swords as the Three of Cups brings in an energy that supports getting together with others. Because of this good feeling you have going on these days - you attract something or someone new into your life and the Page of Cups suggests that it will be someone you will feel a strong emotional connection. The key is to resist the urge to smother - even though you have butterflies in your stomach the best course of action is to move slow and steady. 

"Love is a friendship set to music." ~ Joseph Campbell




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