General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Wednesday December 12th

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Wednesday December 12th

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Good morning,

A departure into something new may have seemed easy and effortless at the time but now as it evolving you are feeling the push and pull that comes from making a shift - the delicate balance of life seems askew. Today when you face your fears and speak your truth there will be no negative consequences - you will not immediately lose all that you have achieved - on the contrary, it will be the act of getting real about your situation that will open the door for new opportunities that will bring financial rewards.

The two crows hold the world perfectly balanced between two wands and for the most part the two work together beautifully, however, there are days when one of the bird decides it wants to bring the power of the world a bit a closer and tilts the wand causing the other bird to change its position. Where one takes the other needs to give and at times this causes friction. For a steady transition of power, the birds must practice patience and restraint.

The Two of Wands comes through this morning because in the past you made a significant shift requiring a bit more from you than originally anticipated - you moved out of your comfort zone. With much on your shoulders, you may have been hard on yourself - a taskmaster who demanded immediate solutions and because of this, feelings of overwhelm and dread threw you off balance. Although one side of you was feeling great about all you have achieved there was a still a part of you who complained it wasn't enough.

When you cut yourself a little slack - acknowledge all you have done so far and let go of the need to control all the power you will find balance will be restored.

The regal motherly crow takes her spot on a throne sitting in a lush garden as the sun casts a warm comforting glow across the land. Her power comes from not only being surrounded by everything she could possibly want in life but in the willingness to share her abundance so that others feel secure as well.

The Queen of Pentacles comes forward front and center this morning to offer you the feeling of security. Let any worries you may have at this moment subside and allow this supportive energy to move in - let it steep for a bit and you will feel your vibration rise.

Little things that I find interesting when I draw the cards, for example, are what images repeat and the world representing power carries over from the Two of Wands in the past to the Queen of Pentacles in the present. This tells me that when you have faith in yourself and own your power - when you accept the fact that you have the ability to succeed in your new position or new direction - you will be given signs that you are right.

There is a protective energy surrounding you at this time and although things may seem difficult - when you speak from your heart and own your story you will not only be an inspiration to others you will find that new opportunities will manifest.

The out-going and charismatic crow spends his afternoon basking in all of his riches. It's a pretty spectacular and extravagant life this bird lives. With merely a thought the crow envisions something new it desires and poof - there it is. Big or small - no matter this crow can have it all. Of course, the crow could be greedy and hoard all of its riches - living a solitary life surrounded by all his possessions - but that would not bring him joy and would probably make him a bit lonely. No, this Crow uses his unique power for good and finds pure happiness from helping others as he uses his skills to bring to life their desires.

The King of Pentacles comes through this morning because you are capable of creating the life you wish to have - however, what is preventing you may be your limited vision - an inability to see that you can create what you wish to truly wish to achieve.

Are you are dreaming too small?

This is the "Fake it till you make it" card - step into the shoes of your ideal self and walk around for a bit. Getting into the feeling of already have achieved your goal is the first step to creating it because it will give you the confidence needed to take action.

You made a big move - you let your guard down - got out of your comfort zone and took a chance on something new. It is time to take what you have learned, use your resources and make a big leap forward.

When you know that what you want is already out there - it's waiting for you to take it - the process of obtaining your goal is a whole lot easier than if you believe that it is far out of reach. Balance is the key, however - allow yourself to dream big but don't cling so tightly to the outcome - allow for some wiggle room and have patience. When you feel attached to the end goal you may miss out on something that at the end is better or worse create an energy of lack - that will slow progress.

This is a time to make the most out of that shift from the past, you are supported not just by the Queen of Pentacles but there is also the King as well - if ever you needed a green light to feel confident and secure in regards to this new path - you have it.



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