General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Wednesday December 5th

Crow Tarot Reading

Good morning!

The cards come forward this morning bringing with them a story of conflict. There is friction - you kind of know what you want your life to be like - but it's a bit muddied, and because of this, there is an inability to see a concrete path forward. Although yesterday the Ace of Pentacles was front and center to offer the energy needed to help you develop clarity - that is where the struggle resides. Although the Ace of Pentacles can act as a window cleaner of sorts removing little smudges so that you can see clearly - if the blinds are drawn the efforts of the Ace of Pentacles are rendered useless and so - here we are this morning.

Hopefully, today we can figure out how to open the blinds so that the work of the Ace of Pentacles can be appreciated.

The crow stood on top of discarded sun-bleached oyster shells that lined the bank of the canal. An alluring glow off in the distance reflected a sparkling light catching the crow's attention as it danced across the water - creating a path in the darkness. The Moon called out for the crow's dreams while the mountains appealed to the crow's desire for achievement and a solid foundation. Behind the crow sat eight seemingly empty cups each holding memories of the past, memories of a life it felt separate from yet tied to at the same time. And - as the bird reflected on a life that was less than perfect going over each event in its mind the light in the distance seemed to glow a bit brighter.

The Eight of Cups is coming forward this morning as it is the foundation for your current situation. If you trace the events back that led you to this present moment, you will find that the roots begin during a period of your life when you abandoned a situation or gave up on trying to make something work. It may have been too difficult of a struggle, or the value just wasn't there to warrant a fight - although physically your were there, mentally you had already checked out.

The Eight of Cups may be coming forward as a call for you to examine if you are leaning on the solution of opting to escape or walking away from a problematic situation as an easy means to avoid confrontation or conflict especially with those who don't share your dreams or goals. It's easier to just leave than to justify your position. However, there is something that can be gained through challenging times and by avoiding conflict you may be easing any immediate feelings of discomfort however if this is a pattern it isn't helping you get clear on what you really desire - only on what you don't want to feel.

The crow finds itself stepping forward between two cold solid blades. However it is stuck and unable to take another step as it can't see where it is going, what surrounds it, or how thick or thin the swords are - one wrong move may send a limb dropping to the ground. The bird just doesn't know and is too scared to gamble on losing any part of its body.

At the center of today's reading is the Two of Swords and like the little crow with its metaphorical blindfold - you may be stuck or unable to confidently move forward out of fear because you are not satisfied that you have all the information you need to proceed.

If in your mind's eye you have created a vision - one that you are not a hundred percent certain is accurate - until you find validation fear will keep you stuck. Being in this position puts us at a disadvantage because we tend to react in a way that falls back on past habits and not all those have our best interest at heart. If this is connecting with you - now may not be the best time to take a definitive step forward. Allow more information to come in - to fill in the blanks. When you let other's do the talking and let your intuition be your guide, you will be able to gain a clear picture of your surroundings, and when you do make a move, it will be on solid ground.

The crows come together to drink from a shared heart - one that provides them with the courage to take on any challenge. The pair has traveled through time together and although separate they find when they come together - nothing is impossible. Theirs is a love that is deeper than purely romantic it is one that fills their souls. Protecting the crows overhead is a lion and wings providing protection and shelter for the birds - giving them the time to join forces and gain strength.

The message the Two of Cups brings is to approach your situation from a place of love - extend this feeling to all those who you encounter because in it there is a power to create a transformation one that will enable you to see your situation more clearly.

When you combine you logic and emotion, when you call upon your spiritual being to join that part of you the resides here in the physical world the part that has to contend with the consequences that come from life's challenges - when you pull these parts together you will find you have the ability to see your situation not just how it is in the here but also with compassion and that there - that is where you will find the strength to move forward.



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