General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Wednesday July 11th

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Wednesday July 11th

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Good morning! 

The energy that is surfacing today is that of apathy. The song "Is that all there is" by PJ Harvey popped into my head while sitting here thinking about how to start off today's reading. The song is about feeling disappointment - that an event didn't live up to the excitement and with the Seven of Cups starting us off you may be finding yourself asking that very question  - Is that all there is? 

The crow sits in the center distracted by the myriad of choices it has available. Each cup contains the potential for a wonderful life-altering experience - however, what the bird expects and what is delivered may be completely different especially being that the crow has created a fantasy that tests the limits of reality for each cup. 

The Seven of Cups indicates that your current situation is a result of letting your imagination create unrealistic expectations when it came to life paths or choices made in the past. Although you may have had plenty of real opportunities, the ones that garnered your attention were those that fed into the fantasy life that you created.

An example of how the Seven of Cups can distract us from the best path would be the person who was accepted to college on a music scholarship, however, instead, opted to skip school and to start a band - only to give up not too long after because the reality of being a musician (at least more most) is far less glamorous than the fantasy. In addition to losing a passion for music - all the other side fantasies that went with the dream life - like the hot partner, big house, night after night of partying vanished as the foundation they were built on was nothing more than air. 

With the Seven of Cups creating the foundation this is a good time to examine if there is a pattern of allowing your expectations to exceed what is truly possible and as a result move on out of disappointment. Do you jump from one thing to another shortly after the immediate gratification wears off to the point where you feel as though you have had plenty of experiences - without making much progress? 

An opportunity is coming - the question will be will you see it as the real potential it offers?

The crow disenchanted by the cups below sits on a branch - gazing out at the sky. Although the bird is looking outward it's focus is elsewhere and because of this, the bird doesn't notice the cup that is floating in front of its beak.

At the center of today's reading is the Four of Cups and the energy in the air is the feeling that each day offers merely another round of mundane events - life has become a snorefest.

With the foundation being the Seven of Cups - it may be due to a series of past disappointments that have you feeling down about putting yourself out there again and because of this you have closed yourself off to any all opportunities - even if it is one  when approached from a place of reality brings in the very real potential to change your life for the better.

The crow flies alongside the charging horse. This bird is full of excitement and the two creatures fuel each other's drive to go faster. Enthusiasm and passion make this pair unstoppable as they have both time and determination on their side. 

There is a supportive energy of enthusiasm coming in creating the needed drive for you to take the opportunity presented by the Four of Cups and run with it. This is a very swift energy and requires immediate action without much time for fantasy creation. 

The Seven of Cups and the Four of Cups are serving as a warning today - with this fast moving opportunity approaching - in order for you to find success you will need to see it for what it is at the moment. If you attach any preconceived ideas or expectations you will risk missing the opportunity because it will not appear as it does in the fantasy that you created. By going with the flow and letting it be what it is in the moment you will enable the opportunity to grow and you will discover an exciting new path - one that keeps your interest for the long-term.

"If we will be quiet and ready enough, we shall find compensation in every disappointment." ~ Henry David Thoreau










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Great read today, thank you.

Trudy wylie

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