General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Wednesday July 25th

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Wednesday July 25th

Crow Tarot Reading

Good morning! 

The strong positive energy is flowing freely this morning - one that offers support for attracting the resources you need to feel emotionally and financially secure in the future. 

The confident crow rides on the back of a horse representing freedom - freedom that comes from within as a result of seeing the world from an optimistic lens. With the Sun shining brightly the days are long and pathways are illuminated. The world is open to this adventurous bird! 

The powerful radiant Sun is setting up the foundation for today's reading and for those of us who are Leos - the energy should be especially strong right now!

It is your natural ability to stay positive and shine a light on what is going well in your life. This doesn't mean that you go through life with rose-colored glasses or are one of those perpetually happy people - no the Sun came through this morning to illuminate your ability to get up, brush yourself off - and move on while learning the lesson that knocked you down in the first place. We all have our dark moments, those times when we sink deep into the pit of despair - however, those with a strong Sun foundation are able to recover and get out of the funk a bit quicker. It is your courage and inner-strength that helps you move forward and fuels an optimism for a better tomorrow, one that keeps you inspired and motivated. 

The crow that dominates the two lions has a fiery strength, one that commands the attention of all those in her presence. She is a vibrant, physically and mentally strong creature who effortlessly fills the space around her with a powerful lifeforce energy. She is hard to miss. The Queen of Wands ignites action as she is a creator and doer - her ideas are vast, but it is her execution that builds her reputation. 

The energy that is building at the center of today's reading is the dynamic Queen of Wands. It is this energy that will have you feeling a bit more fierce these days as your confidence is off the charts. With this energy coursing through your veins - if anything stops you it will be of your own making as you are attracting the attention of those who are capable of helping you.

And with the Sun setting up the Queen - you are capable of clearly seeing the past, with all its twists and turns that led you to this moment. It is from this place of introspection that your complete story comes together and with this knowledge comes a deep understanding of each moment's significance in getting you to where you are today. 

This is a supportive time for getting plans off the ground, for connecting with those who can assist you in your goals. With the Queen's drive and the Sun's confidence - you have the recipe for success. The question is - are you bold enough to use it?

The crow is surrounded by all the treasures it could possibly hope for - in fact he needs to give some away just to make room to make space for the new treasure. The King of Pentacles through hard work, ambition, and smart choices during his life has reached a point where he has developed the Midas touch. Although he has long since retired from any "work" and now focuses his energy on ensuring that his family is well-cared for. As a result of his past, and his openness to being generous - he can't help but continue to create a steady flow of abundance, whether it be fresh food to new and shiny objects - these things seem to simply fall in its lap. 

As if this reading couldn't be more of a green light to go after something a new business, a move to a new location, a new career, romance, etc  - if you were lacking any motivation yesterday - today should ignite a fire under you! 

The King of Pentacles in the future position indicates that if there are any struggles going on today in regards to financial matters - they will be easily resolved using a disciplined approach and one that is tried and true. With the Sun supporting you during this time you will be able to see that the solution for over coming any obstacles today will be revealed when you look back at your past. What has proven itself to be a source of help or inspiration? 

This is a time to get into the flow and let the feeling of abundance do its magic. There is a power that comes from the feeling of having your desire, and you are generous (not frivolous) with your resources as you are in control of the energy flow you will find that things manifest with ease. The fastest and surefire way to create a financial block is to feel lack allow scarcity to dictate your moves. By letting go a bit, by having the discipline to allow yourself the experience of small luxuries here and there without breaking the bank you send a signal out that you are receptive to more events that create that feeling of abundance. 

One of my favorite ways to get out of a funk and clear any channels that may be blocking abundance in my life is by cleaning my house and taking things that are still nice - just no longer being used so often to the Goodwill - that way someone else can benefit from it and I free up space for something new to manifest. 

The Sun is shining a light on you - this is a time to let your natural radiance and drive for success attract those who have the experience to help you reach your goal!

"If you love life, don't waste time, for time is what life is made up of." ~Bruce Lee






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