General  Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Wednesday June 13th

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Wednesday June 13th

Crow Tarot Reading

Good morning!

Today's cards could tell the story of anyone who gets distracted or side-tracked easily, myself included. That thing - that shiny object that initially caught our eye no longer holds luster and wait...what's that over there? Maybe that is a reason why I connect with the crow? Also, this is why every morning regardless of where I am or if I have internet or not - I do these readings. Besides the fact that I love doing them - If I allow myself to slip even for a day, I lose the habit and with it the possibility of losing something I care very much about. This is something I know about myself - it took years of failing and epic failures (I don't do anything small) to figure this out but now that I am here - well I am glad to see the Knight of Wands :-)

The fun-loving charismatic Knight of Cups returns. This creative and free-spirited creature is the life of the party, and will certainly cheer up anyone who is feeling down. The energy he brings can light up a room and when he shines his radiant light on you - don't be surprised if you fall completely head over heels. 

The Knight of Cups in the past position denotes a time of creativity and passion. This may have been a relationship or a person you felt strongly connected with, or it may have been an interest that consumed you for some time. This is an energy that draws you in and draws out of you something magical - whether it is the ability to let loose and let your hair down or allow another to sweep you off your feet. But - at some point, the fun transitioned from exciting to predictable. Perhaps those endless nights out on the town seemed appealing at first, but after a while - you just wanted a night in. Maybe you grew resentful of the fact that although this person was loving and attentive - he or she was that way with everyone they met! The Knight may also represent an idea that was fun at first, and the times of play transitioned into work. 

In many ways the Knight of Cups can lead to self-sabotage because the energy is so light and free-flowing it doesn't support structure or commitment. I think with this guy -it is best to extract the good qualities - the creativity, the ability to play and let loose - but know that it is not sustainable. Get the most out of this time - take the lessons with you - but know that it ain't forever. 

Over the choppy water, the crow flies to a place where it believes the future will be brighter. This journey was not one that it took on a whim, it was difficult and required the bird to leave something behind - but in the end, the sacrifice will prove to be a small price to pay for the promise of a better outcome. 

At the heart of today's reading is a transition. Perhaps the Knight of Cups is looking less dashing these days. Maybe the project that consumed your mind day and night requires more effort and has become less "fun" or fell through due to the flakiness of others. It may be that job that you took working for that exciting software company with the foozeball tables, free daily massages, and all the organic snacks you can consume - lost its initial appeal and the position seems less exciting. The Six of Swords brings to the surface an optimistic energy - although it is tempered a bit with regret - at the end of the day, you know that taking the steps to leave will result in a better future. 

The Knight of Wands charges in - this eager and enthusiastic creature is full of fire and charges towards a goal with an unstoppable drive. This is a take charge kind of crow - he is not one to sit and let life happen to him - no he is the one who takes a plan or idea and sets it in motion. 

Supporting the present energy of transition is the Knight of Wands. This energy will help you make the transition across the choppy water a success and with enthusiasm! The Knight may enter your life as a new, stronger, more committed relationship. In regards to a career, he may appear as an aggressive recruiter who will help you move from one job to another. 

The Knight of Wands may also come into your life as someone who can help channel your energy so that you stay focused and enthusiastic in regards to a situation - and more importantly less distracted by the shiny Knight of Cups. 

The Knight of Wands is a fast-moving and supportive energy - this is a great time to start manifesting as it will be easier for you to embrace that much-needed feeling of enthusiasm to bring your ideas into reality. The key, however, is to stay focused because things will be moving quickly it will be important to make sure that all tasks are addressed. 

"The secret of genius is to carry the spirit of the child into old age, which means never losing your enthusiasm." ~Aldous Huxley



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