General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Wednesday June 27th

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Wednesday June 27th

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Good morning! 

The middle of this week is marked by heavy emotions, but with the help of intuition, a desire to seize what you do have and learn from a loss or setback - in the end, it may be one step back and two steps forward.

The High Priestess is perched on a crescent moon where she rests between trips through the veil. This bird has the ability to deeply feel the energy in a room and because of this, she can get a clear picture of a situation without a single word being uttered. It is from this place of keen awareness that she can help guide those in need to make the best decision for their situation. 

The energy that is coming through to support you during this time is your inner High Priestess. She travels with you unseen, in the background where she sends signals and signs to guide you, however, it is your free will that has the final say.

The High Priestess asks that you recall a time when your intuition served you well  - this was a time when your connection with her energy was strong and as a result, your hunches either paid off or enabled you to prepare for an obstacle. Although you may not have needed her guidance for some time - it will be needed in the near future and the sooner you connect the stronger her power. 

Like a muscle, you can exercise your intuition. Whether it is by meditating, focusing your attention on the energy of those around you, getting creative (dancing is a fun way to connect with the High Priestess!) or simply getting out into nature for a walk. The goal is for you to feel that your intuition is strong and reliable. 

The crow stands on the bank of the river where three of its cups have fallen over.  The bird is consumed by loss and can not see that it still has two cups left in addition - it has the freedom to fly away through the path between the trees. This bird, however, is stuck and is at risk of losing more than what was in those three cups. 

At the heart of today's reading comes a warning of loss. However, with the High Priestess supporting you at this time, you will be able to anticipate the event or circumstance that will cause the friction and although this situation may cause discomfort its effects will be softened by your ability to be prepared. In addition, the energy that the High Priestess brings will also enable you to direct your attention to what is working or is still in your favor and as a result, you will find that there is a pathway out to a new opportunity. 

Whether tied to a job, an area of study or a relationship - the Five of Cups indicates that there will be some sort of loss - this does not need to be significant - however, you will feel more deeply about the situation than normal. You may be asked to move departments at work, one that will take you away from an aspect of the job you love. The Five of Cups may indicate that a class you were anticipating is canceled. This card may also indicate a break-up with a partner who may not be the best match for you.

The crows worked together to create a mound of pentacles so that they can easily reach the cherries that are hanging too low to fly to, yet too high to reach by simply standing. 

The Three of Pentacles brings a message to stay optimistic during this time of difficulty as it is here that an opportunity for you to grow and learn will come from this period - one that will lead you to a make a significant shift towards success.

"Intuition enlightens and so links up with pure thought. They together become an intelligence which is not simply of the brain, which does not calculate, but feels and thinks." ~ Mondrian



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