General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Wednesday June 6th

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Wednesday June 6th

Crow Tarot Reading

Good morning! 

There is work to be done if you want to find success, however, it may be beneficial to take a short break to regain your strength and your focus so that you have the energy to proceed. 

The crow flies over the land lovingly admiring all the riches Mother Nature makes available. Although several feet in the air - she is connected with the earth below and is one with all that is around her. For the Empress, emotions run deep as this bird feels a strong sense of empathy for those in need and her creative, nurturing nature creates the perfect environment for life to flourish where once it had been barren.  

The Empress comes to us today as a reminder of a time of feeling completely loved and supported. This feminine energy may have been a parent or relative - or a teacher who allowed you to explore and grow - as they encouraged your curiosity and created an environment for you to thrive. It was the Empress that planted the seed for an idea or dream that you still have today - one that may not have sprouted yet - however, it is still there waiting for the resources to support it. 

The crow lays down for a a short self-imposed rest. This bird has made much progress over the years and overcame several obstacles - however although there is more work to be done, it is time for it to take a short respite so that it can recharge - this is a time for formulating a plan not acting on it. With some down time the crow knows that it will strengthen its mind and body as both will be essential for making best decisions and developing the momentum needed for future successes.

The timing for the Four of Swords may be perfect for some of you who are embarking on summer! I see this card as giving us permission to hit the beach for the day, or take some alone time to simply allow for your mind to zen out. This card is a remninder that yes there may be work to be done but allowing yourself the time to turn off the cellphone, unplug and recharge will prove important as it is during this time of rest we gain strength and mental clarity.

Easier said than done - right?!

We are programmed to always be doing something - whether it is our job or doing housework, helping the kids with life, homework, etc - we as a society are over scheduled and over stimulated.  And the kicker is it is nearly impossible to not model this behavior and our kids are getting the message that self-worth is linked to how many things are on our schedule. 

Maybe you are like me and spending too much time doing nothing but relaxing sends feelings of guilt up and down your spine - I was raised in a house where if you were just sitting doing nothing for too long - than you must be sick or dying - it was a sign that you were lazy or weak. Either way it wasn't good. I still struggle to allow myself time to just be and it took several years before I was truly comfortable spending time meditating as I would find myself internally berating my time management skills. It's hard shaking that feeling that we must always be doing "something" I thnk that is why I like seeing this card - it gives me the green light to just chill. 

The Four of Swords is coming through this morning because a break will be an important factor for our future success because in this time of rest that the idea(s) planted by the Empress will have the room to grow as your uncluttered mind will make space for something new to expand. 

The Crow of the Seven of Pentacles has created a secure home, one that ensures that all material needs are met. It was her investment of time and resources as well as her efforts in the past that she is now able to rest comfortably today. 

In the future position the Seven of Pentacles is a welcome sign that the work you put in today by becoming focused on your goal and creating an actionable path forward will pay off tomorrow. This card foretells success and a bright future - however there is a catch in that its not going to be handed to you on a silver platter -  you will need to invest the time and energy by doing the work - but if you do - you will be rewarded in a big way. 

The question is are you willing to allow yourself to embrace success or will you sabotage it?  

"No work or love will flourish out of guilt, fear, or hollowness of heart, just as no valid plans for the future can be made by those who have no capacity for living now. " ~ Alan Watts





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