General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Wednesday May 23

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Wednesday May 23

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Good morning!

If there one positive take away from today's cards- it is at least you will learn what not to do or what to avoid!

Perhaps the crows knew and disregarded the fact that the tower was already on shaky ground when they decided to roost there. Maybe it was out of laziness for not trying to find a better place, or maybe it was just of sheer ignorance - whatever the reason - they paid no attention to the cracks. That was until a storm came one night.

The Tower in the past position indicates that something that was ignored or put on the back burner for a more convenient time to address will rear its ugly head very soon. Maybe you put off training at your job - and now you need to take on a task that you aren't prepared for.  Maybe you have been ignoring a weird sound coming from your car - with the hope that its nothing important. It may have been an argument with a friend that created cracks in your relationship and without care - those cracks deepened. The Tower comes through this morning as a heads up - if you have been putting off something because of the discomfort it may cause at the moment - it won't be anything compared to discomfort you will feel if you don't deal with it and let it go unchecked. 

The crow flying through the air spotted something it wants - more than anything else in the whole world. This isn't just any treasure - it is what it has been waiting for its whole life. However, upon closer inspection - this particular bushel is going to require more effort than the crow can muster, as it was not prepared for such a heavy load and as a result - the wands pull him down. 

At the heart of the matter combined with the friction caused by The Tower, the Ten of Wands indicates that you may be in over your head. This may point to a job that you took on with the hopes that you could quickly learn and get up to speed without anyone knowing, however without the advance preparation you are in a constant state of just trying to keep up. It may be that you convinced yourself, in order to save money  - you would fix that weird noise in your car - and now you have a bunch of pieces in your driveway that make absolutely no sense - and as a result, you will need to spend more money on a mechanic. The message the Ten of Wands is bringing to us this morning is to not give up - but seek help.

As I sit here writing this, my backyard crows are going crazy. Even though there is just a couple of them - they are loud!  Snow and Charming (my daughter and I named them) have come together to ward off a raccoon (who apparently doesn't realize it should be sleeping being that it is 9:30 am here!) - as the crows are pointing out this morning - some jobs are just too big for a single crow. 

Sitting in a tree the crow ponders the wonders of life. It has a pretty good understanding what has served her in the past and what has led to feelings of discomfort or difficulty. It is because of being self-aware that the crow knows better than to just accept any old offering and is now mature enough to turn down what was once an enticing offer. 

Because of your current situation, you have learned a valuable lesson and in the end, will fare better because of it. 

The Four of Cups in the future position brings a mature energy into the spread and will enable you to quickly ascertain what will and what won't help your situation. The Four of Cups brings the message that you will move into a place of better understanding yourself and your current situation and because of this, you will easily recognize if a person offering help will not assist in any meaningful way and as a result, cause more damage to the situation. You will also be able to recognize when you are being offered short-term happiness (going out for drinks with friends) at the expense of finishing a project and benefiting from its completion in the long-term. 

As the saying goes - Good judgment comes from experience and well... experience comes from bad judgment! 

I am betting that the raccoon learned it climbed into the wrong tree this morning and if it does it again - well - I know two birds that will hold it accountable! 







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