General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Wednesday November 14th

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Wednesday November 14th

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Good morning,

Wow...there is an intense energy building one that may cause deep pain but once it is over you will be free and the chains that held you back will release. 

The quite crow sits perched on the moon and gazes out at the night sky wherein the darkness she connects with and reads the energy that swirls around her. Although blanked by the night her powers enable her to feel every detail of the landscape below as she recreates it in her mind with exact precision.

The High Priestess is setting up the foundation for today's reading indicating that what is at the center, your current situation is something that has your intuition buzzing.

The question this card brings to the surface is - do you trust your intuition? If you have been turning a blind eye or a deaf ear to a problem - avoidance will be futile because the call is coming from within the house and your gut will keep persisting until you pick up. 

This energy is coming directly from your Higher-Self and with the Devil sitting at the center the message the High Priestess brings is to take notice and act on signs before you get in too deep and become yet another one of his victims. 

The crow cleverly conceals his dark side offering only glimpses of a charming and charismatic creature as a way to lure in those it senses are easy prey. What they soon discover is that just as quickly the Devil will build up his latest conquest he will tear them down only to repeat the process until their spirit is broken. They lose sight of who they once were and chained or not, they are attached to him and depend on him hoping to be once again elevated. With just a little work it is the Devil who now controls their emotions and as a result of their actions are for his benefit as well.

At the center of today's reading is a warning one that has your gut sending up flares. Are you attached to a destructive behavior that you have been dismissing despite the warning signs? 

I think of my Grandfather for an easy example of this -  while in the hospital sick because of years of smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day his attachment was so strong that even with doctors and nurses (let alone his intuition) telling him it was killing him  -he was busted smoking in the bathroom!  Despite all the signs for years telling him to quit he couldn't release himself from the hold, they had on him. 

With the Three of Swords sitting next to the Devil, complicating matters may be that your attachment to something that isn't healthy or is holding you back is connected to a relationship or to someone who is a strong presence in your life. Perhaps your favorite drinking buddy is your partner making it all the harder to break the habit. 

Although the Devil can represent an addiction to unhealthy things we put in our body - the energy this creature brings can also have us addicted to feeling validated or accepted by someone we admire and as a result, we lose who we are in the attempt to win the praise or affection of someone else. 

With the Devil at the center - take some time to examine your current situation and look for any chains that may be holding you back from being your best self. Let your intuition be your guide - they may not be easily seen but you will feel them if they are there. 

 Both crows are suffering from a piercing pain - however, one is free and capable of healing as it is no longer attached to the wounded heart.  

The Three of Swords indicates that there will be a separation - one that has the power to release you an attachment or habit, however, it will not come without a little pain or suffering. 

Although the Three of Swords is certainly no bliss card, there can be a positive take away if the separation results in moving to a healthier place both physically and mentally. It may denote a period of separation, one that in the beginning was painful yet necessary in order to heal or overcome an addiction. In the end, the relationship will become stronger as past habits or attachments have been severed.  

When you take action to break any chains that bind you to something that is unhealthy or holding you back it may be what your partner needs as well and in the end not only will you improve your life but their's as well. 

The Three of Swords may also indicate severing any ties to someone whose words have been holding you back or whose approval you have been working so hard to gain. Although they may provide physical comfort if their constant scrutiny has kept you working to please them or live up to their expectations - the Three of Swords indicates that it is time to cut the ties and free yourself from this situation. 

"All the suffering, stress, and addiction comes from not realizing you already are what you are looking for." ~ Jon Kabat-Zinn



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