General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Wednesday November 21st

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Wednesday November 21st

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Good morning! 

Today I am using the US Games Edition Deck - now that things are settling down here I will be posting a video of this deck shortly as I am just in awe with how wonderful it came out!

When we dig deep and learn to accept ourselves as being worthy of a good life - when we allow ourselves to embrace our true self - our natural being, not the one that is covered in a haze of beliefs cast on us by the opinions of others that is when harmony is created and with it we find security.

The crow unable to sleep looks up at the moon for guidance, hoping it will light a path forward. Being old and wise, the beautiful moon reveals to the crow not a path away from its troubles but instead shines a light inward giving the bird an opportunity to face the part of itself that has been holding it back. 

The Moon comes through this morning creating the foundation for your present situation. By investing the time to delve deep, to examining the beliefs that were planted long ago that no longer or never served your best interest you were able to connect with your inner-being the one that lives beneath the history, the opinions, and experiences that have shaped your life. It is here in the darkness that your original self resides - perhaps the part that has been suppressed out of fear.

I feel the energy of the Moon whenever I feel (as Brene Brown calls them) a shame gremlin creep in - these horrible little monsters are the ones that reinforce negative beliefs or opinions of yourself that were planted by the views of others. Oh and trust me you know when they are present!

Yesterday I had one of these gremlins digging in deep as one of the beliefs that I have been battling against since childhood is one that my parents instilled in me - art isn't valuable and creativity isn't something worth spending money on and those who do are wasting their money. As an adult whose main talent is that of being creative, needless to say, this has caused a great deal of internal conflict in my life and held me back at times. While making art has always brought me an immense amount of joy - I often felt as though if I asked to be paid for it - I was bad or greedy. Only now am I able to understand my value and in my late forties with YEARS of deprogramming - I am able to make a living as an artist, however, the seeds never really go away they remain dormant just waiting for the right moment to rise up and send me into a downward spiral. 

When the Moon shines its light - it can feel uncomfortable however it gives you the opportunity to see the issue or belief that may be preventing you from finding harmony. When we face these shadows or negative beliefs we demystify them and take away some of the power they have over us. As soon as we can name it - or call it out for what it is we can process the emotions and move forward. 

At some point in the past, you were able to allow The Moon to shine a light on your original being - providing you the opportunity to honor your true self and all the potential that is too often hidden deep within. 

Take a moment if you can right now and think about some of the beliefs you have been planted with - can you draw a line connecting them to moments when you feel shame or discomfort?

The crow stands on the wolf's head as a butterfly hovers above. Together the rest in a beautiful garden full of resources as new opportunities blossom and the warm sun creates a comforting glow across the land. 

The Nine of Pentacles at the center of today's reading indicates that the work you have completed in the past - the investment you have made in taming your wild impulses or thoughts has paid off in that you are now in a place of harmony. There was a transition that took place - and you are now able to enjoy the life you have created knowing that new opportunities will support your goals. 

With the Moon setting up the reading for today and with the Nine of Pentacles being at the center this indicates that no longer does your shadow-self hide in waiting - only to sabotage your success or create unwelcomed obstacles - it is free and has been tamed. You went through a significant transformation and are now able to indulge in the rewards that come from feeling at peace with yourself as a whole being.

The vibration you project outward at this time is also much higher as a result of your past efforts as you are now able to transform what was once heavy and into something feather-light - it no longer holds you down. It is in this place that you are able to plan for and attract the life you desire. 

The crows gather in the garden where they are provided all the comforts they need to live comfortably. With all of their basic needs met the birds have the time to focus their energy on ideas that would have otherwise been brushed aside as frivolous and not as important as suriving. 

The Ten of Pentacles solidifies your current position. You are able to focus your energy of building upon what you have already successfully created. In addition - you will have the resources to help others achieve their own financial independence. 

The path forward to finding a place of peace and prosperity was through going inward facing any shame gremlins and throwing them in the blender where you can see them for what they truly are! 

We are all worthy of love and belonging and when we find this place of being and sincerely accept it - that is when transformation begins and a world of opportunities will unfold. 

"Forgiveness is not always easy. At times, it feels more painful than the wound we suffered, to forgive the one that inflicted it. And yet, there is no peace without forgiveness." ~ Marianne Williamson



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