General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Wednesday November 7th

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Wednesday November 7th

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Good morning,

Are the battles you are fighting real or are they ones that you have constructed out of habit? When you allow for healing to take place and forgive those who have ruffled your feathers in the past - that is when you will ease into a period of calm. 

The crow may appear dead, however, this pose is the only way it can take a much-needed break. After accomplishing a majority of the work the bird took a short respite to gain back its mental and physical strength.

The Four of Swords comes through this morning because you are ready to move forward - a healing occurred and you are all the stronger because of it. 

Whether it's regaining your confidence to begin dating after a bitter divorce or getting back on your feet after a long illness - or coming to terms with a less-than-perfect childhood - you are ready to move on as a difficult period of your life is behind you.

The crow stands sure-footed and steady on the top of a cliff where it meets challengers who want to take the bird down. 

At the center of today's reading is the Seven of Wands bringing to the surface a combative energy. Despite the fact you are confident and you feel secure in your position if you feel a need to defend yourself - the question is why? What areas from the past still need a little more time to completely heal? 

Maybe you are like me and you find yourself having imaginary arguments with your mother (or someone else) - because "you know exactly what they will say" about your current situation - despite the fact that you know better than to bring up the subject because you have learned during your period of healing its best for all not to engage with or ask advice from this person as it doesn't prove helpful. Even though the interaction didn't take place outside of your head the energy that comes from arguing is still created - and this can put you in a place of feeling unsettled or agitated.  

Despite being sure of your self and your position - like the crow - you may be feeling on edge and because of this, you may be looking for a fight. Who is to say those who enter your space are looking to do battle - they may be there to support you or to learn from you? 

And if they are there to challenge you? Because you took the time to heal and as a result, you know your strengths and weakness all the better you are able to stand solidly in your space - you can handle this challenge.

 The Four of Swords brought the period of healing and regaining your strength and when teamed up with the Seven of Wands you are unwavering and your position is secure - there are other options to fighting.

The wise old zen-like crow sits on his throne where it transforms the seas from choppy and volatile to calm and steady. 

The King of Cups brings a supportive energy of calm during turbulent times as a result of commanding your emotions. You are able to sense when you are feeling off-balance or reactionary and with the King of Cups supporting you during this period you are able to as my friend Hilary likes to say "check yourself before you wreck yourself." 

If you look at the crow on the Seven of Wands card - there is a wand at its feet creating a clear boundary - the energy of the King of Cups is here to help you keep that firmly n place so that you can avoid any engagements with those who want to drag you into their drama.

When you focus your energy on facing real challenges - the ones that help you move forward not pull you down - when you stand firm in your truth without getting into petty disagreements you will find that a time of ease and harmony will move in. 

“To heal our past, we must first become aware of how Darkness works. Shining a light on it is the first step. And then forgiving ourselves and being unconditionally loving—and also changing our behavior, if necessary—is the next step to clean up the legacy for good.”  ~Christiane Northrup M.D.




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