General Three card Crow Tarot Reading Wednesday October 10th

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Crow Tarot Reading

Good morning,

If you have a feeling of being stuck in your current position or not in control of your financial situation - the path to accomplishment is through letting go of any attachments that are holding you back financially - either mentally or physically. 

The crow exhausted from the day to day responsibilities of life and feeling weak took a short break to regain its strength. Recognizing it no longer felt the joy it once held towards a situation the bird removed itself temporarily in order to gain a different perspective and as a result of this separation experienced a feeling of true gratitude for all it has in its life. 

The Four of Swords points when you needed to step away from a situation that was draining your energy. Although you had accomplished a good deal prior to this time - you felt any joy associated with this situation begin to fade and before it was completely lost you took charge and removed yourself for a short period in order to reassess priorities. 

The Four of Swords in this reading may indicate that you are still in a position of figuring things out and have not fully committed to moving forward. Although you have accomplished much in the past there is one final task - it may not come so easy and because of this, you feel tempted to linger a little too long in the recuperating phase due to fear or low self-confidence - although stagnant it is a safe place to be. 

The crow holds two fish in the air - one for himself the other he offers to the starving crows below. Although on the surface this act may appear to be generous, in reality, the crows below pay a steep price for accepting the charity as they not only lost their drive to find their own source of food and their independence - they are beholden to repay the favor when called upon. 

The Six of Pentacles being front and center indicates that there is a situation around financial resources that may have you feeling out of control - and because financial matters are linked to security, stability and feeling grounded - concerns around your personal well-being may be surfacing as a result of a fear of not being in control of your future. 

With the Four of Swords setting up the foundation for the Six of Pentacles - the message I a get from this combo is that there may be a lack of action or a belief that you are not strong enough to move forward. Are you are getting financial support from someone on your own terms - or are you letting someone else dictate how much you get because you haven't found the strength yet to move forward without help?

Or the flipside to this - are you offering help to someone out of generosity or is it a means of controlling their actions because you don't feel they are capable of managing their financial situation?

The last task as denoted by the sword below the crow on the Four of Swords will require strength and the ability to take action - although you may find help along the way the warning coming from the Six of Pentacles is to not to take an easy way out as it will come with strings attached.  

An older more experienced crow demonstrates to the younger bird how to get the sweetest fruit from tree branches that are too high off the ground to reach when standing and too low and thin to reach by flying. 

The Three of Pentacles brings a positive ending to this reading in that when you take action and make the effort to learn how to overcome your current obstacle - a solution will become clear and because of this, you will gain a great deal of knowledge that will help you create a secure and financially stable future.  

"It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves." ~ William Shakespeare








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