General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Wednesday September 12th

crow tarot reading

Good morning!

Interesting, each of these cards has come up in the very recent past. I shuffle the deck several times - while walking around, looking out the window - stopping to divide the deck and shuffle some more and I find it intriguing that some cards are very demanding at times. 

There is a shift coming, one that will take you out of your current situation and into a new one and although you may feel as though this path has been a long and continuous - it has actually been evolving and if you look back each step of the way brought you to a unique place in your life. 

The Crow rises into the sky blindfolded - unable to see what is ahead. Using the knowledge it already possesses the bird is able to weigh each option, allowing it to make a decision on which direction to take. 

With Justice in the past position, your current situation is the result of a decision, a big decision you made in the past using only the information you had at that time. You had no idea what the future would hold as a result, although you may have been optimistic - the reality is you went in rather blind. 

The sword on the Justice cards symbolizes the logical thought process that went into your choice as it was not one that was made lightly - in addition the sword points to a clean cut as the decision you made separated your life in that your life before the decision and your life after are very distinct and very different - there was no going back.

The crow calls out to those who are ready to rise up, own their history, accept their weaknesses and honor their strengths to let go of the past in order to move on into a new way of being. 

At the heart of today's reading is Judgement and much like Justice, there is a decision presenting itself to you, one that will have a major impact on your life. You are at a crossroads. This is a time to quiet your mind and tune in to your higher self as you will be guided - however at the end of the day free will remains and the choice is yours to make.

Judgement brings a supportive and transformative energy one that will not only affect your physical world but also your emotional/spiritual one - this is a time when your life as a whole is ready to experience a positive and dramatic shift. 

Because this decision will set you on a course that will forever alter your life you may be experiencing some friction around this time. Check in with yourself does this new path stir up feelings of uncertainty or fear of the unknown? What are you afraid of letting go of in order to progress to the next phase of your life? 

You are embarking on a pivotal moment in your life - this is a time to own your story, embrace all of you - not just the parts that are perfect and shiny because when you accept yourself even the less-than-flattering aspects (we all got em') you will feel lighter, more in tune with the world  - and from there you can accomplish anything. 

The crow spotted a wand from the sky swooped down and perched itself on it. The wand marked the beginning of a new path and with a new city in the distance - the crow felt in its gut that discovering the new city was destiny and knew for certain that the opportunities it desired would be there.  

With the Ace of Wands coming in after Judgement you will be presented with a situation that will force your decision to act because the opportunity is too good to pass up and as a result, you may find yourself out of your comfort-zone - however, the change will be exhilarating as you swiftly move into your new phase of life. 

The Universe conspires to help us reach our potential and if you are dragging your feet on something you may get prodded - that is how I see the Ace of Wands here - the Judgement card is like the morning alarm calling you to rise up and sure you can stay in bed - do nothing all day or you can get up and get moving - the Ace of Wands is like the smell of the best breakfast ever created wafting into your room luring you out as it promises to be worth the effort!

From Justice to Judgement, to the Ace of Wands - if you are looking to change your life - the energy is here to do so - it is supporting a big change however it may get in your face about it but it can't act for you - if you want to create change its time to embark on the new path. 

“The mystery of human existence lies not in just staying alive, but in finding something to live for.” ~Fyodor Dostoyevsky











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  • Sharon Jones

    These cards speak to me in ways I just cannot say. Thank you xxx

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