General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Wednesday September 26th

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Wednesday September 26th

Crow Tarot Reading

Good morning!

Like being wrapped up in a blanket fresh out of the dryer on a cool Fall evening - there is an energy that radiates warmth and comfort coming through this morning. 

The crow stood on the dock looking out across the water to a distant land. The bird imagined how different life would be in its mind created a future that was better than the one it was living. With a star shining a path - the crow knew it was a sign and if it traveled across the water - it would find the life it desired. 

The Three of Wands in the past position indicates that you held a strong sense of optimism toward an event or situation. You saw potential in something that would create a better outcome for your life and whether or not the end result was one that you had expected or hoped for - nevertheless the promise of success created in your mind kept you motivated to move forward. 

The crow stretches its wings as it stands solidly on the horse. The heat from the sun warms the bird's wings and fills its bones with energy - the crow can feel the power of the sun surge through its body. Reinvigorated - the crow stands tall basking in the bright light and ready to move forward with confidence. 

With the Sun at the center of today's reading - its light illuminates the reading and casts a warm glow over each phase. The energy that is supporting you at this time is one of going into the light and allowing yourself to be seen. When you put yourself out there - show off your gifts or talents to the world - you will shine and those around you will take notice. If you are considering applying for a new job or going up for a promotion this is a time where your skills will be recognized. If you are planning on launching your new business - the energy today will have you in the spotlight and you will attract those who connect with your ideas. When you use the energy the Sun is offering today for a new relationship - you will become like a beacon attracting a mate that lights you up.  

The Sun takes that positive creative vision you had in the past and shines a bright light on it so that you can get a better view of how to achieve your goals. 

The crow leaves the past behind and although the strong winds and choppy water made the trip a bit difficult in the beginning - with the Sun's energy it didn't take long for the storm to pass and for calmer winds to enter. 

The Six of Swords comes through with the message that calmer times are ahead and if you use the energy of the Sun to your advantage you will be able to shift the energy around you from unsettled to stable. 

I see the Sun as a giant spotlight - what you do with that spotlight or what you bring into the spotlight is what the world will see - so enter it knowing that you will be on stage. This is your moment to share with the world that which makes you unique and those who connect with you or share your vision will take notice. 

It's like that scene in Napoleon Dynamite - when he is on stage at the talent show and the spotlight is on him - he put himself out there, showed the class assembly who he was and although he may have attracted a little scrutiny from those who didn't "get him" he opened himself up to create a stronger connection with those who did. 

here I embedded it because if nothing else it will bring a smile to your day! 

"Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence." ~ Helen Keller







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Going through some sh!t right now…I totally needed that!!! Thank you!!! Caw-Caw :-)


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