General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Wednesday September 5th

crow tarot reading

Good morning! 

You already know the solution to the problem that is troubling you today - however for whatever reason whether it be fear or laziness something is preventing you from taking action. This is a time to stop procrastinating and follow your gut as the answers are being added to the mix of your daily life - you just need to start pulling out their power. 

The crow rises up into the air. In its feet are scales that it uses to measure to make decisions as it can not see what is before it - only feel its weight. Using its sharp logical mind, the bird is able to make the best choice for that moment. 

The foundation of your current situation is Justice and where you are today is a result of making an important life decision - one where you carefully weighed all your options as the outcome for each path was unclear. This may have been a significant move such as moving across the country to a place you have never visited before or taking a new job - one that was out of your past area of expertise yet you possessed the skills to land it. Where you are today would be dramatically different had you not made this decision in the past. 

Justice in the past makes no claim whether or not your choice was for the best or for the worst - only that you based your decision on the information you had at the moment and weighed each consequence carefully.

The crow sits on a branch staring out into the sky. Below the bird sit three cups that have been giving this bird some trouble - so instead of dealing with them, it set them aside for when the time felt right. In front of the crow is a new cup, one that would help the bird find a solution to the issue it is currently having with the cups below - however, the crow just stares ahead without acknowledging the cup as if it wasn't there.

At the heart of today's reading is the Four of Cups and with it a solution that is presenting itself to you that will help you with an obstacle you are facing - however, you are not taking action. Maybe the solution calls for you to get out of your comfort zone or requires more work than you are willing to give at the moment - whatever it is, you are ignoring it. 

Perhaps you need help moving and a friend stops by with two beefy guys who are looking to move something - anything...its what they do for fun - yet instead of asking them for help you continue to shlep boxes by yourself because your ego is afraid of looking weak. 

Maybe you know that you need to quit your job because you are miserable and work in an environment that causes you a great deal of stress - to the point it is affecting your health. Yet, instead of taking the steps to find a new - less taxing position you stay put as your heart rate goes up and your quality of life goes down.

Maybe your relationship is in need of repair yet talking with your partner about it makes you feel uncomfortable - yet if you did you would realize they too feel the same way and want to work things out. 

Much like Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction - the Four of Cups will not be ignored and the Two of Pentacles enters.

The crow stays in balance by juggling all the tasks that are thrown at it and although this bird remains in constant motion it does so with grace. Because it can manage so many tasks at one time - the world offers infinite possibilities for this bird.

Supporting the Four of Cups is the Two of Pentacles and the message this card brings is to follow your gut as new experiences and opportunities enter your life - let your intuition guide you as they will help you navigate through your current situation. The energy of the Two of Pentacles will create events that will pull you towards the solution offered by the Four of Cups.

Whether it be you are offered a new job - one that doesn't require so much effort on your part to land so that you can quit your stressful job.

Maybe it is a chance encounter with a relationship therapist at a party that gets the ball rolling to heal you and your partner. 

When these little synchronicities occur - check in with your gut - what is your first reaction - the reaction you feel before your testy ego jumps in?

"It's the job that's never started as takes longest to finish." ~ J. R. R. Tolkien










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