General Three Card Reading for Saturday April 28th

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Good morning,

The first thing that popped into my head with this spread is how easy it is to become conflicted between negative thoughts of anger, hatred, judgment, fear, etc and positive thoughts such as kindness, forgiveness, acceptance, etc. - it can be difficult to not let negative feelings creep in even during the good times, however, much like riding a bike we move in the direction we are focused on. 

The Three of Swords carries the heavy weight of sadness, one that makes the heart ache. The female crow sits on one of three swords that pierce the heart as she watches her partner leave, although female crows are loyal to their mates, the same can not be said for male crows

The Three of Swords in this spread represents a sad event or loss that occurred in the past that still has a strong lasting effect today on you today - you just can't shake it. It is because of this situation that you approach the world differently - perhaps more guarded or fearful of being hurt again. 

The crow at the center of the laurel wreath is dancing with joy - through hard work it has found its place in the world and is now ready to take the next leap on her journey.

At the heart of the matter is The World, marking the passage of time and a positive end to a project or situation. The energy around this card is that of completion, of finding success and in this position the energy is moving in quickly. This is a time to embrace your dreams as they are manifesting. This marks a positive time, one that carries a power that can create a drastic change for the better. 

The crows of the Five of Pentacles tells two very different stories. There are the crows that are safe and comfortable roosting in the tree during a storm, and there are the crows that are struggling just to keep moving forward as they battle the cold sharp headwind. 

With the Five of Pentacles in the future position, this brings the message to have faith in yourself and others. We find ourselves where we put ourselves. Negative thoughts and emotions, as well as baggage that no longer, (nor ever did) serve a purpose or was in our best interest - only weighs us down - keeping us in a place of struggling against the wind. The Five of Pentacles asks that you examine how your thoughts are affecting your success. Are you focusing on the past or harboring any negative self-beliefs that could stifle your success? Are you getting in your own way? 

The energy of the World is here to help create a positive energy flow and will be a catalyst for major life change - one for the better, however, in order for this energy to work, there needs to be an intention in place of finding success. We can't focus our attention only what is going wrong and expect something to go right :-) 

There is no amount of pain you can feel today that will wipe away or repair the events of the past. But you can feel good today - and that is what the World has in store. The energy at the core of this spread is here to help you heal and move forward to a better place.

 “You’ve seen my descent. Now watch my rising.” Rumi



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  • I absolutely love the daily readings. It’s as if they are especially for me.
    I can’t wait to order my own deck, which will be very soon. Thank you so much for the readings. X

    Cheryl Nolan on
  • Great hearing positive messages.

    Trudy on

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