General Three Card Reading - Monday May 28th

General Three Card Reading - Monday May 28th


Crow Tarot ReadingGood morning! 

Today's reading is about taking charge of your life and moving in a direction of connecting with your inner-self.

Competing with other birds, squirrels, and of course humans, the older crows devised a plan and with the help of some quick moving fledglings, created the most efficient method for cultivating the most cherries without drawing attention.

The Three of Pentacles indicates a time during your youth of learning the valuable skills needed to contribute to a larger project or situation. It was this experience that gave you the confidence to take the reigns as you got older and now have the knowledge to take on an independent role within the group. 

The crow is facing a difficult decision and although it requires leaving something behind - that is exactly what she is ready to do. She got a glimpse of freedom and a new opportunity to feel fulfilled. Although she understands there is no guarantee of success, the blossoming branches in the distance provides enough hope to take a chance and the strength to make it across the choppy waters.

At the heart of today's reading, the Six of Swords comes through with the message to have faith in a better future. It may seem like a difficult journey to get there, but it is waiting. However, to make this trip - you will need to leave something behind that may be difficult or seem impossible to walk away from because the attachment has become a safety blanket. Although the thing that is holding you back may be lacking in so many ways - it has become a sort of comfort zone. This may be a relationship that is one-sided and doesn't feed your spirit or a job that stifles your skillset and doesn't recognize your value. It may be your group of friends that come together purely to gossip but vanish the moment a friend is in need. Like a meal of bread - it may be filling you up but it isn't nourishing you. 

The Hermit in the future position offers a powerful energy that creates a feeling of independence - supporting this time of going alone to discover your true-self. 

Although you learned much in your youth and played an important role in contributing to an idea - being that the Hermit card came through this morning right after the Six of Swords, tells me that the answer is to go inward and take some serious alone time to really contemplate what it is you want during this ever so brief life we get to enjoy on earth. What will feed your soul?  If you have been turning a deaf ear or dismissing hunches - its time to stop and listen to your inner-voice. 

There is a sense of freedom that comes with the Hermit as you are able to detach from a situation with relative ease as you travel inward allowing your perspective to shift.

"It is better to travel well than to arrive." ~ Buddha



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