General Three Crow Tarot Reading - Monday August 27th

General Three Crow Tarot Reading - Monday August 27th

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Good morning!

Like a thunderstorm, the cards that came through this morning are very different and far more volatile than the cards of the last couple of days! A truth is coming to the surface and although it may be difficult to accept, it may be the final straw that gives you the strength to leave a situation that brings more grief than comfort. 

The crow stands before his flock - preaching lessons of the past. This bird clings to old ideas as they have served him well and have kept him safe because of this convinces those around him to do the same.

With the Hierophant in the past position, this brings forward a belief system that is rooted in someone else's philosophy - one that serves as a foundation for how you approach life. This may reflect a strict religious upbringing or a childhood where your culture and heritage were an important component of your life. Although you may no longer live within the parameters set by the Hierophant during this time - it is your upbringing that serves as a foundation for who you are today. 

The crow swoops through the air with a sharp energy unaware of any obstacles or creatures within its path. This bird is on a mission and there is nothing that will stop it from speaking its truth - even if that requires hurting something in the process. 

The Knight of Swords is rushing in with a message and although this energy may not always take a tactful approach it is the message itself that is important. The Knight of Swords brings a wake up call - perhaps you have been avoiding seeing a situation for what it is or have been dragging your heels in resolving a problem. 

The Knight of Swords can be that good friend who tells you like it is when you are dating someone who doesn't treat you with the respect you deserve. This person may be the one to point out that it is time to get in gear and move out of your parent's house. Maybe its the friend that calls you out on the fact that you take easy jobs to avoid challenging yourself... I have met quite a few Knight of Swords through my life and each one helped me realize that the change I feared was for the better. Their message may come off as gruff or insensitive but at the heart they see a positive outcome for you - and their focus is getting you to that end - by any means necessary even if it means being brash. 

The crow flies off leaving a heart that has been numbed by three swords - although present it no longer provides feeling - it is just there. Although there is comfort in staying and feeling nothing as nothing may on the surface be better than pain - in the end the discomfort that comes from leaving will open the door to greater opportunities and the potential to feel excitment and joy again.

The Three of Swords indicates that the message you recieve from the Knight of Swords may cause you to rethink you current situation. You may be faced with the decision to stay put where you are a place that has become comfortable yet stiffles your growth or leave and take a chance on a new opportunitiy. Although leaving may cause initial discomfort - the pain that you will feel by making the choice to move forward will be far less severe then the pain you will feel later down the road by staying in a situation that doesn't serve you or feed your soul. 

With the Hierophant sitting in your past, you may be experieincing feelings of guilt tied to this situation - you may be resisting change because it goes outside of the traditions that you were raised to believe. The Knight of Swords will bring a critical and sharp insight into your situation - one that has no other motives than to reach a positive ending however if there are casualties along the way - such as hurt feelings - so be it as this Knight is on a mission. The Three of Swords not only cut deep - they can also sever nerves making us numb and unable to truly feel how hurtful a situation is to our potential - to our growth.

The pain you will feel as a result of staying in a situation that doesn't support your well being or weighs your down will in the end by far more severe than the initial pain you will feel by removing yourself. When you discover that thing that lifts you up - that reenergizes your spirit you will be glad you are no longer numb and able to feel again.

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” ~ Anais Nin








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