General Three Crow Tarot Reading - Saturday September 22

General Three Crow Tarot Reading - Saturday September 22

Crow Tarot Reading

Good morning and Happy first day of Fall! (or Spring in the Southern Hemisphere)

There is strength in knowing which battles are worth pursuing and which ones will do little more than leave you feeling frustrated and battle-scarred. 

The crow perched herself on a wand that sat on the heads of two resting lions - she is the one in control of the wild cats. This queen earned her royal position not through her mate but rather as a result of her personal strength, charisma, sheer determination, creative thinking, and vitality.

With the Queen of Wands sitting in your past position, this marks a time when you came into your own - you used your personal strengths and creativity to go after something you wanted to achieve and was successful. It is because of this accomplishment that within you resides the ability to stand on a foundation that will keep you firm-footed when going after future goals. 

If you are experiencing a time of self-doubt call-up this time in our life and get into that feeling you had when your goal saw a successful completion and lean into that feeling - let it energize your spirit. 

The crow loses its balance and falls backward. With its foot is caught in the branches the crow is stuck - and upside-down. Instead of struggling, the crow accepts its current situation and relaxes its muscles - it is this act that the crow releases itself from the tree. 

With the Hanged-Man in the present position, at the heart of today's reading is a conflict that would be best approached in a relaxed less rigid manner. Someone or some situation may be pushing your buttons or trying to engage you in a conflict during this time - there will be little to nothing gained by getting your knickers in a twist over this situation. 

Does this situation affect you personally - other than you are annoyed? Can you control the outcome or the actions of others? Will the end result truly be worth the energy and the aggravation to get involved? The advice the Hanged-Man offers today is to pick your battles wisely otherwise you risk draining your energy for little in return and will more-than-likely stay stuck in the same position - albeit a bit weaker from your effort. 

Use this "down" time to see the situation from a new perspective - with the Queen of Wands as your foundation, when you apply your creative mind and determination to your current solution the best outcome and the path to it will become clear.

The crow stands firmly on the lion's nose - this bird is not foolish or arrogant - no it possesses a calm energy that soothes even the wildest of creatures. 

With Strength in a supportive position, by digging deep and calling up your personal power and grace you will feel in control of your life. The direction you move in will be of your own making and those who caused friction in the past will be but a mere hiccup along your journey. Strength gives you the confidence in your skills and your abilities so that you are able to look beyond any current pettiness and instead focus on something that is more significant to fulfilling your desires.

"Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming." ~ David Bowie







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