General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Monday September 24th

Crow Tarot Reading

Good morning!

For today's reading, I pulled an extra card to clarify the Ace of Pentacles - sometimes I need more information to decipher the message coming through especially with the fragmented energy leading up to the Ace of Pentacles. 

The crow stands still in a cage loosely created by swords, however, because it is blindfolded and unable to see the situation for how it really is - in the bird's mind the swords are tightly placed bars. If the crow would simply more, or shift its position the blindfold would fall off and it would see that it has been free to escape the whole time.

With the Eight of Swords sitting your past, this points to an underlying fear or a belief that is blinding you. Because the swords are wobbly and the blindfold is loose, this isn't a strong fear that dictates your life or a deeply held belief that serves as a bedrock for who you are - it is one that can easily be overcome by shifting your perspective - you don't need to stay trapped in a cage that really is far more constricting in your mind than what it is in reality. 

The Eight of Swords can be a sign that your self-esteem may need a little work - Does your self-talk support your ability to create the change you want in life? 

The crows spar in the air - each one showing off its new moves as a way to boast and intimidate the others. It is all in good fun though and aside from a few egos - no one gets hurt. In this exercise, the crows figure out the pecking order - which one is the most clever, which is the strongest, which one is the best entertainer...

With the Five of Wands in the present position, there is a feeling of being pulled in many directions - each idea or situation is begging for your attention. This energy can cause a slow-down in progress as your time is divided or you find it difficult to focus on one single task. The Five of Wands comes through because there is a need to prioritize - a foundation of success cannot be created on a base of half-finished projects. 

With the Eight of Swords setting up today's reading you may want to consider if you are unable to fully commit to a single idea out of self-doubt. Are you adding more and more onto your plate as a distraction? Because the Five of Wands points to a playful challenge - this may also indicate not taking things seriously as a way to detach yourself from any responsibility around the final outcome. 

The crow sits on a pentacle where it has a clear view of the mountains in the distance. It is from this position, above the clouds that the crow can chart out the best path to reach its desired destination.

With the Ace of Pentacles in the picture - the message here is if you focus your energy on a single goal not only will it be successful, it will bring financial success as well. The energy coming through is that of a fresh start, of becoming crystal clear on what you want to do with your life. 

The Ten of Pentacles supports the Ace of Pentacles here beautifully as it reinforces the outcome a financially secure outcome as a result of charting your path and following it! 

The message I am getting here is to take some time today (perfect for the Full Moon) to get clear on what it is you want to see in your life - whether it be your dream job or relationship - the time has come to focus and set your intentions and energy in one direction - when you commit to an idea it will open the door to an opportunity that will lead to place of feeling secure in your life. 

"It's never too late. Don't focus on what was taken away. Find something to replace it, and acknowledge the blessing you have." ~ Drew Barrymore




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