New Feather for Flight Spread for Tuesday Jan 23

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Feather Spread from Crow Tarot

This morning I created a quick spread that calls upon various elements / energies that direct our path. On the surface it looks as though we are consciously driving our lives, the choices we make are indeed ours to make and for better or  worse we need to own them. However, beneath it all we have emotions and fears, hidden desires that have become suppressed over time, karmic energy that lingers within us, and our loving guides who try to get us back on path - all of it comes together to lay down the tracks. This spread will not answer whether or not you should date your co-worker or if you are destined to become a millionaire - I created this spread to serve as a way to explore the current that runs like an underground river within us.

Here is the spread for today!

crow tarot feather spread

This spread has a lot of wand energy in it today! The theme I see is one of creativity, intuition and action!

Current Energy:

The Current energy is what is a dominant force that is dictating present situations. 

Because the Emperor is in the position - the energy is one of a solid determination and focus. This is strong masculine energy that commands attention, however it is not one of arrogance but rather grace and fairness. 

External Forces

At times there can be obstacles, or on the positive side, serendipitous events that can either block or accelerate your path to the end goal. It could an unexpected expense or a chance encounter with someone who will provide help along the way. 

The Page of Cups hops in here as a creative crow suggesting that there may be an opportunity to connect with someone who brings a new or different approach that will push your project, idea, or situation along. 

The Subconscious Mind

Within the subconscious mind resides our intuition, our habits, who we really believe we are, and our creativity. It is where our self-talk plants its seeds and grows and where you have the power to control your "I Am" to ensure that the energy being created and harnessed from the subconscious mind is moving in a positive direction and not becoming a block to success. 

The High-priestess in this position (and yes, I shuffled and placed the cards randomly! I love the universe!) is the card of intuition and flying through the veil - making this the perfect spot for her and it serves as a reminder to utilize your intuition. Take the time to open this channel further as the messages are coming through quickly and will offer valuable information along your path. 

Fear and Ego

This card represents how you get into your own way. Fear and ego represent how you either shrink to avoid "critical" eyes or puff yourself up to mask the fear you may have due to feeling inadequate. We are all guilty of letting this energy take over at some point or another, whether it's not raising your hand in class, even though you know the answer, or feeling the need to brag because deep down there is feeling being "less-than."

The energy from the the Eight of Wands is one of swift action and of broad actions. The vibe I get with this card in this position is that because there is a fear of missing something or the finished product isn't "perfect" enough that you are holding back. Although each task needs to be completed before moving on, this is not the time to procrastinate as this is a quick moving and expansive energy. 

Karmic Energy

Our karmic energy is energy that is stored in our subconscious that is not a result of our current life experiences but rather hold-over belief systems from past lives. 

The fighting crows of the Five of Wands may suggest conflicting beliefs that are getting in the way. It may be a hold-over belief that involves love or money that is in direct conflict with how you feel today. Because these crows are sparring, and not fighting to the death, there is room for clearing the energy through working out what deep seeded beliefs you are still clinging to. 

Advice from Your Guides

Our guides are there to help us on our path and although we can not see the big picture, they can. Having a solid trust in our guides will enable us to develop a stronger relationship with them and with that our path will become clearer. Imagine you are in a pitch dark warehouse with only a flashlight. There is a ton of stuff in there - some of it is awesome and beautiful - it's like a treasure trove. Other things in the room basically suck, it's like the junk you find on the side of the highway - no one wants it- but it's there. Where we focus our flashlight is all we see, not able to see the other stuff in the room. That is what our lives are like and our guides are there to help us navigate through the dark. 

The Queen of Wands is a message to start taking  steps to live your future life now. Whether it is going out to an expensive restaurant, or taking the steps to get healthy and fit. It is time to direct the flashlight away from lack and over to an area of abundance. It doesn't need to be radical or bank-breaking, start with small changes. Allow for little splurges, it may be getting your much preferred latte one day over your daily "drip" coffee or even getting out from behind the desk on a sunny day and laying in the grass during your lunch hour. Whatever it is that you can do to start feeling as though you are living the life you want to live now - your guides are saying - do it 

The Outcome

This card represent a destination point and connects to the current path. It may represent a combined energy or one that is a result of a direct line from the current path blocking out the other energies. 

For this spread - I see the position in this spread as a reflection of all the energies combined. The Knight of Wands is fearless and is an optimist through and through. There is an energy of "anything can be accomplished" and when combined with the other cards in this spread the over all picture is one of success through creative thinking, determination,  trusting intuition, and having faith in a positive outcome, even if it can't fully be visualized in the moment -  will be one that is pure abundance and joy. 




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