Nine of Swords

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Nine of Swords

Alone in her nest, the crow wakes from yet another nightmare. Scared to raise her head she cowers as the images of being trapped in a cage or caught in a deadly badly consume her thoughts. This card represents an internal fear that has consumed you, even though on the outside these fears have not manifested. The excessive worrying has created a very real anxiety that has affected your sleep and may result in actually creating the problems you fear most. The Nine of Swords warns that thoughts can become things, and that includes negative aspects of life.



The Nine of Swords reversed brings the message that you are getting worked up over nothing and that you may risk losing sight of what is most important to you. Take the time to look at the positive aspects of your life and focus more of your energy on what is happening here and now and not on what may or may not happen in the future.



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