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First, I have to extend a warm and gratitude-filled welcome to Crow Tarot. This deck came to me as if it had been living within my brain for years and was just waiting for the right moment to come out.

I have always been fascinated by crows and how different they are from other birds or animals for that matter. They seem to possess a knowing of something greater, of something other-worldly. Aside from their deeply inherent spiritual nature, they also possess traits and skills that show us how very much connected we are to the animal world. Crows mate for life, care and coddle their young. They gather for a moment of silence to mourn the passing of family members. Their communication is sophisticated in that they speak differently to those they love, instead of the loud cawing we usually associate with crows, within their family they sweetly “cluck” to one another.  

Although, I know they would probably prefer food, when I pass them by on the street I send them loving energy hoping that feel my respect and admiration. And… perhaps one day they will cluck at me. What an honor that would be. 

The first card of the deck is the Fool and being that I have entered this creative project with complete faith that it will lead to something good, although I am not sure what exactly that means – this is the card I would like to introduce you to first.

When I created this card, I was uncertain of how I wanted the style of the deck to look but instead of getting wrapped up in the details, I took a lesson from the Fool and hopped on the log and let the river so to speak guide me through this journey.

My artwork is created by using digital collage and combining that with drawing. My work, whether it is this deck or other projects I create all have a surreal-like look. It is not intended, it is just what I create. When I sit down to create a new piece of art, rarely do I approach it with any form of organized thought, however creating this deck has forced me to be “a bit more” focused on themes and symbols. I want this deck to not only be liked for the artwork –but also functional for tarot card reading.

The Fool card represents choices and faith in the uncertain. The Fool could stay where she is safe, however with its barren trees, may not provide the most fulfilling life. She could also simply fly away and attend to immediate needs and interests. Instead the young and naive crow decides to hop on a log floating down a river allowing it to lead the way.

Unafraid, the crow does not waiver a bit and has faith that the log and river will provide a great adventure. In the distant there is a wind blowing, whistling a warning – but the crow remains faithful knowing that despite how stormy or choppy the waters may become in the future –the log will keep her afloat.

This card is saying have faith in the universe live fearlessly because you will come through the storm. If we allow faith to come in and replace fear, imagine the adventures we would have? The hardest part of having faith is when times get tough, when we are in the storm.

Isn’t it easy to say “I have faith in the universe” when everything is going great and the sun is shining and the water is still? It’s not so easy when we are facing adversity to just “hop” on that log and allow the universe to take over. I know this from experience! This is a wonderful card to meditate on if you find yourself feeling defeated or worried about the future. I always find that when I “let go” of how I expect things to be, or stop obsessing over when things “will turn around” my life makes a shift into a more positive direction.

Metaphorically speaking of course, if you draw this card –perhaps it is a sign to just hop on a log and let the river take you where it may. Have faith.

Now that being said… If the card is reversed it could be because you are being reckless or that someone is trying to take advantage of you.

Your higher self is sending you a warning that although the universe has your back it is not an open invitation to make foolish or adverse decisions that could have a serious and negative impact on your future. If the Fool appears reversed, it may be a good time to sit and ask yourself whether you are letting the universe take its course or are you consciously doing something that could lead to a disastrous end.

Although upright the signal is having faith, reversed this card is asking are you pushing faith past its own limits?

The Fool reversed could also suggest are you entering into a partnership where you are blind to another’s deception? “If it’s too good to be true…” comes to mind.

Simply put, the Fool is a fool when reversed.  

Upright the crow on the log isn’t leaning over, or flailing about, she is sure footed. She isn’t being reckless with her life. Although the universe is guiding her, she understands that there are still consequences to her actions.

The reversed crow fool may also indicate that you are feeling underwater and not confident in your job or work life. Under water, the crow can’t fly. This may be an indicator that you need to evaluate your skills and discover how you can contribute even if you are the new bird on the block. 

As someone who has hopped on that log floating down the river myself and live a life that some would find absolutely frightening, I can relate with both the upright and reversed meanings of this card.

In 2016 I walked into my boss’s office and quit a very good salaried job to take a chance at being an artist. Although that was scary in itself, I also had a mouth to feed and was a single-mom of a 6 year-old. At times I find myself questioning my faith –if I am being destructive to my family and so far, even through the tough times and moments of self doubt - my faith in a belief that life is not meant for cubicles and spreadsheets, but rather for living and creating has proven to be the right path for me.

The question for you now is... what can the fool teach you?.

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