The Hanged Man

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Keywords: Delay, Letting Go, Waiting, Waiting to Decide

Element: Water

The crow hangs from the blossoming cherry tree allowing his wings to fall in complete surrender. He stays still, leaning into the position and allows the blood to rush in to nourish his brain. He has let go and is at peace, away from the raucous noises of the roost.  It is in the silence he will discover the answers he needs to help move a project or desire forward. The Hanged Man asks that you put the situation or project on pause and look at it from a different angle. There may be a vital element that you are missing, and the result may be a longer delay. This may require getting away both mentally and physically so that you can recharge your energy so as to approach the issue with a renewed vitality. This card may also represent a project that has been put on hold be an external force out of your control and the only course of action is to wait patiently.

In contrast, reversed the Hanged Man feels as though he has been putting too much effort for the amount of success he is seeing. It may also point to a person who has lost faith in his or her idea and are ready to give up without doing the necessary spiritual work that would help in finding a solution.


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