The Spiritual Guidance Spread

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This is a lovely spread for those times when you find yourself questioning your life path, not in regards to love or money but rather where you are spiritually or emotionally. This spread is perfect for connecting with your inner guidance. 

Here is a basic summary of each position:

1. The first card reflects your question or the issue you are asking your guides for help with.

2. The motivation card - this is the card that illuminates the reason you are seeking guidance. 

3. This card represents the aspect or thing in your life that is causing your anxiety or worry. This concern may be something that is obvious - but it may also be a deep rooted belief that is manifesting as stress.

4. Current events that are influencing your thoughts that you may not be able to see or willing to see.

5. This is the message your guides or higher-self have for you. It may represent a warning or a direction you should go.

6. This card offers the best way to proceed or way to overcome your fears.

7. The light, this card will help you find the path to easing your pain.

8. The final possible outcome. I see this card as working with the card in the 7 position.  Every card offers an answer, even if it may seem negative at first - take the time to reflect on the message of the card as light will overcome your shadow. 


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