Three Card Crow Reading Thursday Feb 15th

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crow tarot three card spread

Good morning!

The new moon today makes it a great time to focus on what it is you hope to achieve or manifest into reality over the next six months. With the High-Priestess starting off this spread - the initial guidance I get here is to listen to your intuition as your higher-self will help you navigate your way.

Through messages and gut-feelings the High Priestess guides the crow, leaving little hints along the way to let it know that it is on the right path. It may come as a new opportunity, one that seemed to fall out of the sky, or a new acquaintance that opens the door to a new relationship or job. Behind the scenes the High-Priestess is there, working her magic. The crow excited by the initial success brought by the High Priestess becomes anxious and impatient. Her messages are not coming quick enough, success is not coming quick enough and as a result, the crow begins to force the process along. Instead of finding success, now the crow is left feeling worse about its situation and lonely due driving away friends and family by its actions. By reconnecting with the High Priestess (and begging her forgiveness) the crow is faced with having to start over and move on. The destructive actions of the past are its greatest regrets, but in order for the crow to move forward and find success, it must let go of past ambitions to make room for a better future.

You will know that the High Priestess is near because that is when synchronicity seem to happen. "Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous." Einstein.

The problem comes in when we try to rush the process. You can't plant a seed, look at it a day later and wonder why it is you don't have a tree yet. When the High Priestess begins to work her magic, the key to reaping the benefits is allowing the lady to work!

The Five of Swords in the spread serves as a reminder here that when focus on all the things that aren't working or that haven't manifested yet not only do we get in our own way, we all but halt the progress of the High Priestess.

The Six Swords reveals that an ambition that is forced will not materialize and will need to be left in the past. There is hope, however, by letting go and reconnecting with the High Priestess you will move on to a better place.

Personally, I would prefer to just stick with the energy of the High Priestess, have faith that she is doing her job, and forgo all the drama of the Five Swords.



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