Three Card Crow Tarot General Reading - Saturday March 31

Crow Tarot reading

Good morning! 

You put in the work by devoting your time to studying or taking on an apprenticeship, and now you are able to take that knowledge to create a secure future, one that is on a path to success.

The crows of the Three of Pentacles came together to complete a task, one that in the end benefited the team. Each crow brought a new skill to the project and as a result, they learned from each other. The skills that were obtained during this time were instrumental as they opened the door for the present situation. 

The Three of Pentacles here asks what skills have you learned in the past that you can apply today so that you can contribute to a greater good, whether that means being able to add more financial security for your family or being able to contribute a vital skill at work so that the team as a whole succeeds.

The crow of the Seven of Pentacles worked hard to get where she is, she invested a good amount of time and energy to move those pentacles in her nest and as a result, she feels secure. The Seven of Pentacles here brings the message that if you apply yourself and use those skills obtained in the past, it will pay off. The lessons of the past were like an investment, one that if you cash in today will take you to the next level. This may be a sign to move look for opportunities that may be available to you because of a class, or an experience from the past that taught you a valuable skill. 

The King of Wands is an entrepreneurial crow, he does not get scared by challenges, in fact, he relishes in overcoming obstacles. He brings a smart, creative energy and even though he does have his moments of arrogance - he has earned a right to feel a bit superior because everything this bird touches becomes a fabulous success.

Having the King of Wands in the future position is a message that if you go after this opportunity, you will find that not only will it be a success it will be a life-changing for the better success. You will have the confidence to handle any difficulties that may arise from this new path, because of that inner-knowing that you are in the right place. Problems will simply roll off your back as you move forward with your eye intently focused on the prize. 

If you have been itching to change your career path, perhaps that Reiki class you took years ago is the answer? Whatever it was that captured your interest in the past, enough to invest in learning about it - is ready for you to finally reap the benefits!



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