Three Card Crow Tarot General Reading - Thursday March 29th

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Crow Tarot

Good morning! 

Remember that time that you stuck with it and persevered?  When you used every fiber of your being to keep it together despite all the challenges and as a result built up that strong grittiness you have today? Well... it's about to pay off.

The crow of the Strength card was able to harness the courage needed to get over an obstacle. Not only did it accomplish the goal - it did so with grace and dignity. It was because it was able to cultivate this inner-strength that a new opportunity has appeared. 

The clouds parted and there at the beginning of a new path is the Ace of Wands. The crow can either move forward and explore the new possibility that is being presented or decided to stay put where it is safe in what it knows. In the present position and supported by the past experiences and skills achieved during the time of Strength, the Ace of Wands promises that seeking a new opportunity will prove to be the best course of action. The white feathers that drift from the sky signify that this new path is in alignment with a soul-purpose and it is only because of what was learned in the past that you are ready to take the next step.

The crows hold the world in perfect balance in the Two of Wands bringing the message that making the decision to move forward during the time of the Ace of Wands will feel right as it has the potential for a positive outcome, one that will leave you feeling in complete alignment with who you are and where you are supposed to be. Making that leap and taking a chance to move away from your comfort zone will result in you feeling a greater sense of empowerment and with that, you send out a message to the universe that you can handle anything - you've got the inner-strength and are open to an even greater success. 

Call on the lessons of the past that have challenged you, by cultivating your inner-strength you will have the confidence to take chances and move out of situations that are limiting your growth. This spread is a great reminder to me that when we allow ourselves to be who we are and honor the reason why we are here - the doors will open and opportunities and that sweet spot of alignment will present itself - we just need to allow ourselves to get temporarily uncomfortable so that we can make the transition. 



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