Three Card Crow Tarot General Reading - Tuesday April 10th

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Crow Tarot Reading

Good morning! 

There is an opportunity waiting for you, one that you are destined to take - and if you don't act, well let's just say the Universe does not like to be ignored. 

The Crow found it difficult to get the last wand in place. The other eight were easy and effortless, but that last one was a bugger and proved to be a struggle- one that certainly tested the crow's resolve. However, undeterred the crow with a good amount of work and patience completed its task and is all the stronger and more resourceful because of those challenging times today. The Nine of Wands brings a message of finding your inner-confidence. Those trying days of the past serve as our best teachers and the lessons we learned about ourselves is what helps us take action today. 

The crows of the Five of Pentacles tell two different stories. There are the warm, happily roosting crows in the tree who have all their needs met and spend their time enjoying each other's company and on the ground, there are the crows who keep their heads down as they fight a headwind, unable to see the warm spot of the tree. The crows on the ground are only focused on the task at hand, however, if they looked up - they would discover an easier path. The Five of Pentacles asks what opportunities are you missing because you are focusing on merely "surviving?" You may have right there in front of you an opportunity to move into a better situation - stop for a moment and look around you, is there a better direction that will lead to a more comfortable life? Too often out of fear - we stay focused on our current path - the Five of Pentacles is bringing the message - it is because of your struggles in the past that you are now ready to take a leap forward, have confidence as this opportunity is yours to take and it will make your life a lot more pleasant. 

The crows of the Tower found a safe place to roost. It wasn't perfect, but the Tower served as a good place to hunker down at night and because of this acceptance of mediocrity, the crows never looked for anything better, perhaps a place closer to food, or one that offered more warmth.

That was of course until they had to - thanks to an energy-filled storm that tore apart their home.

The Tower here is a warning- one that you are very well aware is in the making. A shift is coming. If you have kept an idea that brings complete and utter joy to your heart on the backburner because you lack the self-confidence to go after it, well the Tower will help you take it off the backburner because you will be "free" to see that opportunity of the Five of Pentacles. The Tower here should not be feared, it should be seen as a gift - one that you may have created. If you want to move in a new direction that sends little bursts of electricity running through your veins just thinking about it - but lack the confidence to believe you can do it - the Universe will help you realize that you can by forcing you into taking the chance. 

The energy I get from this spread is - we can do this the easy way or the hard way - either way - you will move into alignment with your purpose. 



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  • Hello Sher!
    I can help you create some ideas and look for ways to build your jewelry business – I just sent you an email.


    Mj on
  • So after reading tidays message, i feel like i am missing something. Maybe i need to meditate on it.
    I have been trying to sell my jewelry. I have it in several stores. Not having much luck.
    I am at the point I’m thinking about pulling it all and waiting until i retire next year. I work 40 hours now.
    I feel everything I’m hearing thru different tarot is pretty much saying the same thing, but i feel as though i am not seeing it.
    I don’t want to disappoint the universe or myself.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Sher

    Sher on

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