Three Card Crow Tarot General Reading - Wednesday March 28th

Three Card Crow Tarot General Reading - Wednesday March 28th

Crow Tarot

Good morning! 

The initial vibe I get here is once you are able to break through or fully understand a situation, more opportunities will present themselves. With hard work and determination, you will be able to focus on transforming the fantasy into a brilliant and solid reality. 

The crow of the Ace of Swords is a powerful bird, able to break through barriers as well as separate truth from fiction. This energy presented itself during a time of uncertainty or when you were not fully aware of all the circumstances of the situation - as it "cleared the air" so to speak and enabled you to see the whole picture without any blinders. 

Because of the Ace of Swords. any haze around the situation became clear - this removed any barriers that blocked progress and as a result more opportunities have appeared. 

The crow of the Seven of Cups creates fabulous fantasies of what could be as it looks at each of the cups with an optimism that is blind to reality or the true consequences each cup holds. It will allow itself to justify or flat out overlook any negative side effects just so that it can feel good about the desire. 

From a work or career perspective, the event of the past may have been a boss or co-worker who felt the need to sideline you or keep you out of the loop on important meetings. The Ace of Swords represents breaking free from this barrier and cutting through any BS that was preventing you from moving forward. With the Seven of Cups, however, the floodgates have opened and as a result, there are many opportunities to chose from. There is a risk of not seeing each opportunity from a grounded place - for example, you may be offered a chance to relocate and instead of looking at it from a rational and logical position, you get wrapped up in the fantasy of moving and how fabulous it would be to live in a different city - perhaps it might require adding a part of your job you aren't fond of or leaving your friends.

Thankfully The solid Knight of Pentacles enters -this crow is a workhorse. Once it is committed to an idea - it gets the job done and ensures that everything it touches ends on a very successful note. This energy may enter as a mentor or someone who will help you make the best decision, one that will lead to the most favorable outcome. It also brings with it that extra bit of energy you need to stay determined and on task.  You will have the ability to take charge, ditch fantasy for reality and create the path of your dreams. 

When you feel the heavy, powerful Knight of Pentacles coming - hop on, as this is a sign you are ready to rise to the challenge, do the work, that will lead away from mere flights of fancy and towards a long-lasting grounded success.  




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