Three Card Crow Tarot Reading for Friday March 16th

Three Card Crow Tarot Reading for Friday March 16th

Crow Tarot reading

Good morning!

Well, we had the Tower earlier in the week and here it is again - however, the energy is passing and with it, a change has occurred. 

Prior to the storm, the crows of the tower were comfortable, they had all their needs met and were relatively happy. Until the day lightning struck and mercilessly tore apart their world. The crows were left stunned and confused - everything they knew and clung on to was ripped away from them. Their shelter - gone, their sense of security - gone. Relationships became stressed as each crow was focused on their individual survival. For those crows that could not accept the change - the transition out of the time of devastation would linger and possibly become a new normal. However, for those who accepted the setback and used it as a means to learn and grow - the transformative power of Temperance arrived to assist them to create a positive path forward.

Here's the thing - if you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve and you know that it is your life purpose - deep down this is what you were put on this planet to achieve, that doesn't go away because of a setback - it just requires patience and calm focus.

The crow of Temperance carefully pours the water from one cup to the other. It is because of its patience and directed intent that the water doesn't splash around or miss the cup. The Temperance card in this spread marks a bridge between disaster and success - it is the answer to moving out from the rubble in order to rebuild.

The energy around this card is that of adapting to change, to staying focused on your goal and although on the inside you are frantically trying to get things back on track - on the outside you give off the vibe of calmness and faith. Temperance doesn't mean that you sit back and let the Universe do all the heavy lifting - no one rides for free, but at the same time you need to have faith in your vision and in your ability to get the job done. 

Once you have found the sweet spot of that Temperance brings the door will open to the Four of Wands as you will find your efforts are paying off. 

The crows of the Four of Wands gather together in a lush garden - a far cry from the ruins of the Tower, to celebrate! It may be a small victory, but regardless it represents a major milestone. The energy around this card is one of harmony and connecting with others. It is time take a much-needed break and allow for some downtime because getting to this point took a lot of work and a lot effort - but it's worth it. This card sets up a strong positive energy for the next leg of the journey. Its easier to move forward from a place of success.

What happens after the shakeup, whether we see it as an opportunity for growth or fall back in despair is totally up to us - the message this spread is sending is one of staying calm, offering your purpose patience - by falling forward instead of backward. When we learn from the past and make positive steps to reach our goal - even if the milestone is small - there will always be a reason to celebrate. 

Here's what I have learned in my 40+ years on this planet- when I have had a dream and then got pummeled by something, such as losing a job or a place to live.. that dream packed its bags and left - because dreams aren't strong enough to stay with us through the yucky parts of life - they are like that friend that ditches you for someone who can offer them more. HOWEVER - goals are there forever, they don't go away just because of a setback - no they are the friend that keeps you motivated until the end. Developing goals is far more productive and rewarding than creating "fair-weathered" dreams. 

What are your goals? 

Mine is to get my daughter and me into a comfortable place where I feel secure in our living situation and we are "rooted."  This is a big goal so I am breaking it down into bitesize pieces :-)  I am also going to write my goal out, print it and post it on the refrigerator as well as by my bed - just so that I can create that clear vision. :-) 



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