Three Card Crow Tarot Reading for Friday March 2nd

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Good morning!

The energy we have going into the weekend is one of getting to that sweet spot in the Sun by way of grace and confidence.

The crow wants to see itself if sitting pretty in the victory wreath, the Universe wants to see the crow sitting pretty in the victory wreath. It is there that the crow will find that its hard work is rewarded not just with a successful end of the project, but also by the recognition of the other crows. 

On the other side of the place of victory are the nay-saying crows of the Five of Wands. They are there wielding all their negative thoughts and opinions. "It will be too hard, and what if you fail - who is going to cover all your needs?" They batter the poor crow with all their well-meaning yet fear based words. These crows aren't meaning to cause harm or hurt the crow of the Six of Wands, instead, it is because of their own fear of failure they want to "protect" the crow. Their heart is in the right place - even if they trying to destroy the crow's dream. 

At the center of this spread is the Sun - the glorious radiating Sun. The Sun is there to wash away the negative energy of the Five of Wands in its bright light of positivity. It is through the warm comforting Sun that the crow finds the confidence to go ahead with its plan. The Sun brings with it luck and will light the best path to success - all but ensuring that the place in the victory circle is there - just waiting for the crow to arrive.

Back in 2016, I went into my boss's office and said the words I had longed to say for quite some time. "I quit." This job paid insanely well and the perks - oh lordy the perks were great. But the office was also toxic and in many ways destructive to both my mental and spiritual health. Let's just say I worked for a software company where booze flowed freely and it wasn't uncommon to find yourself playing Cards Against Humanity with the CEO. I was a single mom of a young daughter at the time (still am) and I live in one of the most expensive cities in the country. BUT I had faith that I could make enough money selling my jewelry to cover expenses and ensure my child ate something other than mac n' cheese every night.  

Leading up to that day - I told some friends, a few neighbors, and the random stranger here and there my plan - and each time I was greeted with a "What? Are you crazy? What are you going to do for insurance - you know you need to have that - right?" I was provided all the well-meaning fear-based advice any entrepreneur could hope to expect from people who would never even think about doing what I was about to do. 

Long story short - I had faith in myself and didn't doubt that I was here on this planet to do more and feel better than I was at that moment. And... it wasn't all sunshine and roses - the Universe certainly tested this faith, I think a little too gleefully at times. But even through the rough times and there were plenty, in the past two years there has not been one day that I would go back to my old job. 

This spread is about basking in your own personal Sun -because you my featherd friend have a bright light inside of you capable of doing more than you can even imagine at this point. 

Your spot in this life is to be right there in the victory circle - in whatever it is that makes your heart sing. Even if those around you "don't get it." or think they are helping you by giving you advice to "stay in your current place" out of safety.

If you are about to take the next step on your path to victory - don't let those negative nancy crows of the Five of Wands block your progress - connect with the Sun and stay positive. You can do this - besides the only opinion that matters is your own :-)

Go into the weekend and do that thing that makes your heart go all aflutter - get into that place of bliss and you will find the more time you spend there the bigger the space becomes. 


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