Three Card Crow Tarot Reading for Monday Feb 26th

Three Card Crow Tarot Reading for Monday Feb 26th

crow tarot spread

Good morning! 

What a lovely way to start the week, at the center of it all bliss and wishes fulfilled!

 The crow was looking for a new direction, a new path and found the Ace of Wands to rest upon. The view of a distant city appeared as the clouds parted and a vision of a beautiful future came into view. The sign of destiny appeared to the crow as little white feathers gently glided from the sky. This was the right path to take as it knew in its heart that it will lead to the Ten of Cups where all of its wishes will be fulfilled.  However, to get to that place, it must do so with a calm inner knowing that the abundant garden will be there. The crow must find the balance between working hard to get to the garden while maintaining the ease of mind that comes from already attaining it.  

This spread is one of destiny and purpose as the Ace of Wands reveals signs that the path is clearing for you to discover your calling. It might be as simple as an overheard comment at the coffee shop, or someone suggesting a class that seemed totally out of the blue. When we combine our soul purpose with the calm energy of Temperance, success will transform from a wish to a reality.  

The hard part is maintaining the position of actively going after your dream while at the same time feeling as though it has already been achieved. On the outside you are working your butt off, perhaps putting in late nights, extra studying, etc - but on the inside there is peace. Your mind is not focused on the what ifs of the future, that can lead down a path of illusion and fantasy but instead being in the present experiencing the feeling of gratitude for attaining your goal. It is through this balance you will find that having a long-term vision for your goal becomes clearer and with that living the life of the blissful crows of the Ten of Cups 

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