Three Card Crow Tarot Reading for Monday March 26

Three Card Crow Tarot Reading for Monday March 26

Crow Tarot

Good morning!

What a way to start the week - such a serious note, but it is what it is and this is what we have! 

The crows of the Three of Swords are parting ways, it is a painful separation that is leaving one crow liberated and the other stuck in confusion and self-pity. For the crow being left, it feels the pain of heartbreak, deep down to its core. Although this is not an experience the crow will easily be able to recover from, it will heal over time and as a result has the potential to learn and grow stronger. 

Over time the crow moves on and into the space of the Seven of Swords. It is here with a scarred heart it decides to go it alone, to take all that life has to offer and fly! This crow is ready to take its life back, now that the pity party is over, and not let the heartbreak of the past deter it from living its dreams. Perhaps it is because of a hardened heart or it is a result of not coming to terms with its own contribution to the break-up at the time of the Three of Swords, the crow becomes careless to the feelings of others. It wants what it wants and unfortunately, it doesn't matter who it has to trample to get its way. It is because of this that the crow will not see its true dream realized, as the potential for a much greater and more satisfying situation is being dropped due to its inability to trust others or allow others into its life completely. 

The crow moves into a place of the Seven of Cups where its desires have become fantasy as it believes that there are more opportunities available than what is truly there. The crow is in the constant pursuit to bring into reality all the things it dreams to have, however, because it is unable to see each scenario from a grounded perspective, if and when it does realize the dream - it will not be as positive as it has envisioned. 

This spread speaks to me of the importance of healing and moving out of the energy of the victim - however, it warns of falling into the "I'll hurt them before they hurt me" trap as all that will accomplish is a solitary life. One that sure -we may get all the material things in life, but without the joy of sharing our successes with others - those things become hollow and less fulfilling.  The message I get here is one that to truly heal a heart - it takes building human connections, not material wealth as that will just lead to a life of fantasy when the reality could be so much better!




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