Three Card Crow Tarot Reading for Saturday March 24th

Three Card Crow Tarot Reading for Saturday March 24th

Crow Tarot Reading

Good morning! 

My first impression of this spread is having the strength to forge a path, one that will lead to a place of success and admiration.

The crow of Strength is confident and grounded. She soars through life with an energy that connects her soul to the earth as she is secure in her place and her role life. It is because of this inner-power that she has the ability to project grace in the face of chaos and because of this, not only does she open the door for infinite opportunities, she creates a calm presence that others gravitate towards during times of difficulty. 

The crow lands on the Ace of Wands where it can see a city off in the distance that offers the potential for a great new adventure. The daffodils next to the wand are there to mark a fresh start and new beginning and the feathers that drift from the sky bring the message to the crow that the path before it is divinely planned. With the clouds parting to ensure that the vision is clear, the crow is confident in its decision to go for it and move forward. 

Although it may not have been easy the entire way, the crow does find itself in the victory circle as it rests in the center of a laurel wreath - basking in the warm light of the sun. It is here that the crow is greeted by those who have followed, supported, and watched in joy as the crow made its way to success. 

The story I feel these cards have for us today is one of owning your story and being connected at the core to the energy of the earth so that you feel confident in all that you do. When we have the courage to be who we are and accept who we are as perfect and whole beings - that is when the doors of opportunity open. It is from this place that we allow ourselves to enjoy our true passions - and in turn move in a direction that honors our purpose. It is here at this place of authenticity that we find true success and a connection with others.





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