Three Card Crow Tarot Reading for Sunday Feb 25

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Three Card Crow Tarot Spread

Good morning!

At the center of today's spread is love, something that we all can add a little more of to this world :-)

The crows get together for a party in a lush garden full of warm sunlight, food, and drink. They are celebrating a victory, one that brought an abundance of positive energy into their lives. It is at this moment and joyous celebration that choice is presented. The birds joined by a common desire now are faced with a decision to continue working independently or combine their energy with the hope of creating a stronger more powerful bond. A young bird arrives and with it brings the message that life is to be experienced without expectation or judgment. By allowing life to unfold without force or restriction, together and separate at the same time, the two crows will discover that is where strength will derive, as each crow is free to create.

On the surface, this spread could tell the story of meeting a future partner at a party and taking a chance on the unexpected in regards to the relationship - having faith that it will be a lifelong love. 

But my intuition tells me something different, maybe I am wrong - but here is how I see this spread.

There was a coming together of warm vibrant energy, one that was worth celebrating. At some point, in the relationship, although focused on a single powerful goal that held the couple together, a goal that has a karmic feeling - now they are facing a decision. Together their power is strong, however, by allowing each other the freedom to explore and allow for life to unfold unrestricted, they will build upon their own personal desires resulting in a dynamic transformation.

By giving the gift of freedom, each person has an opportunity to grow and develop their personal gifts. When the time comes that they need to work together on a single goal their bond is not only stronger, but the resources they have available to achieve success are that much greater.  


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