Three Card Crow Tarot Reading for Sunday March 18th

Three Card Crow Tarot Reading for Sunday March 18th

Crow Tarot

Good morning!

The first thing that popped into my head is the message of letting go - because holding something so tightly will restrict or block any positive flow. 

The crow of the Four of Pentacles has finally found success and has reached a point in his life where he is financially stable. However, the struggle to get to this place has left some open wounds, and because of this, the crow holds all of his resources tightly for fear of losing them. The only problem now is that because he is afraid to let go - even a little, he can no longer fly, nor can he gather any more pentacles. He has what he has - and that is it.

The Sun brings the message to the crow to have confidence - allow its light to radiate an abundance of resources. Let go of the fear of losing it all as the Sun will light the way to more. 

When the crow allows itself to loosen its grip and take a chance on a new idea, that is where the dynamic energy of the Knight of Swords comes rushing in, ready to embark on a new adventure. Although fueled by a new passion and ready to take risks to achieve success - the crow must be conscious of its inherent nature to be miserly as the Knight's energy is one that will all too readily sacrifice quality for time and money.

The Four of Pentacles comes as a warning - by holding on to your resources so tightly out of fear - the message you are sending out into the Universe "this is all I will ever get - this is all I deserve." The energy here is not one that will support growth and abundance, instead it all but blocks the flow. You may have accumulated much, however because of an underlying fear that this is all there is - the vibe around your resources is not abundance but rather lack.

The Sun brings the message to have the ability to create a greater sense of abundance, to go beyond your expectations you need to be open to receive it.  One common block is that we are not worthy or that what we have is all we will ever get. The key here is to not foolishly blow your money but to allow yourself a few little luxuries. By doing this, it sends the message that you are confident that there is more coming to you. The Sun's energy is one of luck and success and because of this, it shines a positive light on whatever you touch.  Embrace that feeling because it is powerful.

By letting go and having faith that there are resources ready to flow in your direction - the door opens for the fast-moving Knight of Swords who brings a new opportunity. The energy around this card is one of an unstoppable desire - you are open to new possibilities and will do what it takes to see a successful end. There is a bit of a warning here though unless you resolve your issues around the feelings of lack as brought in to the story via the Four of Pentacles you risk making hasty fear-based decisions. It may be cutting corners financially or it may be choosing an easier, although less-rewarding path. 

The Sun is at the center here - connect with the positive energy that will warm your spirit. Personally, I find getting just a few minutes of "sun time" can completely revitalize me - and being in Seattle I take advantage of those days we have a bright warm sun!



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