Three Card Crow Tarot Reading for Sunday March 25

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Good morning!

The vibe I am getting this morning is finding emotional stability after a time of strife in order to come together with those who will help you complete a mutually fulfilling project.

The crows of the Five of Swords are in conflict. A couple of the crows just laid down their swords and have given in to the bully of the group, another two have decided it's not worth their time to get into petty arguments. 

The Page of Cups arrives bringing order to the situation. The King's presence is one of calm and creates balance. This bird can pull together those have deep disagreements and allows each side to not only listen to each other but also hear with genuine compassion. 

It is through the emotional support of the King of Cups that the crows can come together to create something that will benefit the group as a whole. 

If you are trying to get a project underway or there is a situation that needs getting a group of people together, having the ability to bring in the support of others is essential. The considerate King of Cups is at the center and forms the bridge between conflict and success.

Even within the tightest of groups disagreements can lead to a communication breakdown, egos come into play, feelings get hurt, and the once tight bonds can risk fraying. The King of Cups brings a mellowing energy to a situation and smoothes over any prickliness that comes with conflict. When feeling attacked within a group, the King of Cups will enable you to shield your spirit and allow petty jabs to roll off your back.

It is with the personality of a diplomat that will assist you in creating or furthering a project. 





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