Three Card Crow Tarot Reading for Tuesday March 27th

Three Card Crow Tarot Reading for Tuesday March 27th

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Good morning!

Today's general reading is all about emotion and feeling connected to those around us, but it is important to not become entranced or lose sight of what is in our best interest - follow your intuition.

The Knight of Cups confidently rode in as it was his charisma that opened the door. Try as they might, no one can resist his charm! This bird came full of ideas and promises for a better future. You could practically see his vision laid before you - it was all so perfect. But, this Knight can be a flighty bird and all of its dreams were just that - dreams. 

The Page of Cups enters at a time when feelings are heightened and there is an openness to explore new possibilities. His energy is vibrant and child-like as it seeks to discover the world around him. The Page is a beautiful positive presence, a gentle bird that follows his heart. Although he may have some immaturity around emotions - deep down he is guided by pure love.

To balance out all the overflowing of emotions created by the Knight and Page of Cups, the High-Priestess appears bringing with her a strong intuition and the ability to not allow emotions to take control or lead to a path that does not result in the best possible outcome. She is one bird who is not easily wooed as she has the ability to break the spell of lust so that true love can enter.   

The story I get with these three cards this morning is one of being swept off your feet by a charming individual who made promises of a beautiful relationship and plans for the future, but in the end, all he offered was just that - plans. Whether you grew weary of the relationship or he did - it fizzled. However, it was this experience that opened the door for a new relationship - one that again is full of plans for the future and a promise for a new beginning. This person may feel like a soul-mate and the connection between you is very emotional and deep. The High Priestess is here though to ensure that if it is purely infatuation or lust between you, you will discover this before you make any rash or long-term decisions. With the help of the High-Priestess, you will be able to dial down the emotional frequency so that your logical mind can be heard.

If this person is your soul-mate, you will know - it won't come from being obsessed with the individual - it will come from a deep knowing that leads to calmness around your relationship - one that does not have you thinking about the person day and night, worried if they feel the same way... Because, when there is a bond that strong - there is nothing to worry about. 




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