Three Card Crow Tarot Reading for Tuesday March 6

Three Card Crow Tarot Reading for Tuesday March 6

Crow Tarot

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The bridge between lack and the true essence of abundance is love. That is the energy that adds fuel to the fire, creates a warm resting place, and offers the emotional support needed to take on difficult tasks. 

The two grounded crows of the Five of Pentacles are removed from the loving comfortable roost above and are left to fend for themselves on the cold barren ground. How they got to this place is unknown, it may be because they are no longer welcomed in the tree due to a poor attitude, or maybe they went out on their own to make their own roost elsewhere - but progress has been slow and they seem to be stuck in a headwind.  

The crows battle-scarred at least have each other, and that is where they find their strength to keep moving forward. Eventually, they do discover the Four of Pentacles and there they find stability and financial security. The only problem with this position in life is that although they have moved on from the barren ground below the tree to a place of wealth - they still feel lack and fear around resources. Instead of enjoying the fruits of their labor - they hold all their resources tight and as a result, they are no more happy in a place of financial security as they were when they were broke. 

The path out is at the center of this spread. The Queen of Pentacles is a loving old bird who opens her doors to all. She is generous and kind as she is comfortable in her success. She knows that to keep the resources coming in - she needs to be free (not foolish) to live a truly abundant life. 

For those of us who have struggled or witnessed our parents struggling, even when we reach a point of financial security the underlying feeling of lack remains  and because of this we hold our resources so tightly that the message we send out is "this is all I am going to get - EVER - and its all mine." This feeling is not one of abundance, despite having oodles of money in your bank account and the Universe will agree with you. That is all you are going to get or at least feel that way. The worst part of being engulfed by lack is that we don't get to experience the awesome warm and fuzzy feeling of being connected to the Universe - and all the love and abundance it has to offer. It is in this place that we allow the doors to infinite possibilities to open.

There are people who have $5 to their name and feel massively abundant and there are people who have 5 million dollars - consider themselves poor and unable to help anyone. The Queen of Pentacles in this spread brings the message to feel the love and abundance all around you at this moment - it is there regardless of how much you have in your account. Giving a simple smile to a stranger, or tipping a little more than normal to your favorite coffee barista will send out little messages of abundance and the Universe will ensure that it comes back to you - as the flow works in both directions.  

A super easy way to get the ball rolling on this - and I SWEAR to god whenever I do this I get a little-unexpected money or gift from random places - like a gift card from a rarely seen relative or a friend will drop by a bottle wine (currency on our block!) - anyway, go through your house and find at least 10 things you can donate to the Goodwill. Not only do you give to charity, you free up some space around the house and it allows for positive energy to fill the void. I kid you not - it may not be the same day - but within a week of my doing a Goodwill run - something good comes back. 

The energy of both the Five of Pentacles and  Four of Pentacles is lack, although one represents poverty and the other represents wealth - they way out is through the love and security of the Queen of Pentacles.  




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Hello Sue May!

YES! The deck will come with a booklet that has a description for each card. This deck was based on the Rider-Waite deck and follows much of the same symbolism – if you know the meanings of each of those cards – this deck will be very easy to translate. Also if you learning the meanings of the cards – this deck will not be a far departure and should be easy to connect with – I tried to keep the images in line as the traditional deck – only with crows instead of people :-) Thank you for backing the crow tarot project!


So does your crow deck come with a guidebook like other tarot decks? I am still learning each card’s significance in a “regular “ tarot deck. I find it helpful to be able to reference each card in a reading. Or is that what the journal is about? I’ve ordered the deck but want to make sure I have your interpretation of your cards. Thanks! I love these cards.

Sue May

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