Three Card Crow Tarot Reading for Wednesday Feb 28th

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crow tarot

Good morning!

Well, The High-Priestess energy is still with us! This is not from a lack of shuffling - as I shuffled the deck a good bit and I randomly (without looking) pull the cards from the deck from various places - basically where I feel drawn.  So being that the High Priestess is yet again at the center, I would say she wants us to know she is here to help.

The crow of the Six of Wands is sitting in the victory circle. Not only did this crow find success, it also is being recognized for the efforts it put in - for this crow, that is important and although it could possibly cross the line into arrogance - it is because of feeling so supported the crow becomes even more enthusiastic and wants to go further.

This is where the Page of Swords flies in with excitement and pure energy. The Page can hardly contain its drive as all it wants to do is talk about this success and how to take it to the next level. It is curious and eager to expand its mind so that it can reach the next victory level.  One of the many strengths the Page of Swords brings to the situation is the ability to communicate its goals and dreams to others so that they too share in creating a path to success. To help guide the Page and keep it on track, The High Priestess brings her energy front and center by providing symbols and signs that will direct the energy of the Page in the best direction so that the momentum it has created will keep going and in the direction that will lead to the best possible outcome.

If you have made it over a hurdle and found yourself sitting pretty in victory, but still feeling the desire to push ahead - this is the spread for you! The energy of the Page of Swords will get you up in the morning, ready to not only get to work but get there full of passion and drive. Maybe it was a recent promotion or a project that just went to the next level - maybe your Etsy store is having the best month ever - whatever it is was created that feeling of victory and added fuel to the fire - because frankly, that is what you are on! With the Page energy not only are you able to do a good job, you are able to rally the troops, inspire your tribe - your customers, colleagues, your family - are all as excited about what you have been able to achieve and they are rooting for your success. 

To make sure that all that power isn't running rampant and in every direction possible - look for clues and signs that the next step is the correct one. Meditate for 15 minutes each day and allow for ideas to "pop" into your head. Personally - I get my best ideas in the shower. That is where I envisioned this deck! 

I am not kidding here - even if you are as clean as clean can be - if you are feeling stuck and meditating just sends you into a spiral of non-productive thoughts - hop in the shower! You will find that the answer will seem to rise up from the steam. I personally think that is where my High-Priestess keeps her office hours. 

The High-Priestess energy has been around for a couple of days - she is being persistent - now is a great time to pay attention!




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