Three Card Crow Tarot Reading Friday March 23

Three Card Crow Tarot Reading Friday March 23

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Good morning!

We go into this week with a bit of conflict, but the vibe I get here is that it isn't with other people - it's with ourselves.

At the center or heart of these three cards is the Five of Swords. This bird is argumentative and deceptive, he has a brutish way of getting what he wants and will gleefully bully those he views as weaker. The birds that are flying away do so not out of fear, but out of annoyance - as they would rather just leave than deal with the arrogant crow's attitude. 

The Queen of Swords enters this story to put the Five of Swords in check and to make sure that only the facts are presented. She brings to any situation a strong firm presence that doesn't tolerate any BS. Because of this, she has the ability to protect those around her from the actions of the Five of Swords and creates a clear view of the truth.

Thankfully with the assistance of the logical and sharp minded Queen, the crow of the Nine of Pentacles was able to avoid the pitfalls of the Five of Swords and had the insight to invest in her future which paid off, as now she can rest in comfort. 

I see the Five of Swords here as our inner-child, our spoiled inner-child that wants what it wants and does not care what the price is later. At the time - the energy of the Five of Swords will convince us that the bad behavior or decision will be fine, or fun or will benefit us in some way - even though deep down we know that is not true. This is the kind of energy that pits our worst qualities against our good ones. Whether it is going overboard on Friday evening happy hour with friends only discover that not only did you destroy too many brain cells but also your budget, or picking a senseless fight with a friend to avoid going out or helping them, etc.. For this reading I see the Five of Swords not deceiving others, or being deceived by another - I see it as we are deceiving ourselves. 

The energy that the Queen of Swords brings to today's reading is the ability to have a clear view of the impact of our actions. It is this energy that will prompt a vision of the consequences so that we can make an informed decision - not one clouded by emotion but rather one of pure facts. Whether that fact is a nasty hangover or losing a valuable friend - the Queen will ensure that you understand that you will be held accountable.

This may cause a little internal battle between the energies of the Five of Swords and the Queen, however, if you allow the Queen to win - and you will thank her for it later.

The Seven of Pentacles is about investing in your future, creating comfort and finding security. With the help of the energy from the Queen of Swords, you will be able to avoid the trappings of the deceptive Five of Swords and the result will be one of feeling secure and comfortable in your decisions.

Happy Friday!


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