Three Card Crow Tarot Reading Friday March 9th

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Good morning! 

The position of the World represents the best outcome and the direction that the Universe or our higher-selves want us to move in, as it will end a chapter on a positive note so that the next leg of the journey will begin on a positive feeling. The crow in the center of the victory wreath is dancing for joy its wings are extended as it takes on the empowering victory pose. After much time and effort the crow has completed a task and as a result the end is one of good fortune. This was not a quick transition - it took time, dedication, and learning to get to this point. 

But getting there is half the battle!

The Five of Pentacles represents an underlying factor that is preventing the transition and completing this stage. The energy of this card is one of lack and anxiety around financial resources. There are two sets of crows on this card, one set is happily roosting in the comfortable tree while the other two are alone, isolated on the cold barren ground. At least they have each other and that is where they gain their strength to move forward.

The Five of Pentacles asks how do you see yourself in regards to achieving financial security? Any blocks in this area or feeling around there not being enough resources to go around can prevent the World from coming into view.

The crow of the Seven of Wands through perseverance and sheer will reached the top and it is from this place of strength and courage that The World will come into focus. Despite the challenges faced along the way, this bird made it to the top!

The Seven of Wands represents going to battle to reach a goal - this may be an internal battle that involves conflicting beliefs, especially around money as depicted by the Five of Pentacles - it may represent going against a long family history of values about how to make money that you feel you need to defend. This card symbolizes the ability to rise above challenges and the courage to face opponents.

It may take a bit of a fight, and getting to the top may not be a straight, easy shot - but with dedication and holding on to your convictions you will discover your rightful spot in the victory circle.




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