Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Friday October 12th

Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Friday October 12th

Crow Tarot Reading

Good morning!

Your strength and determination took you to a place where you found success - but with it spawned an attachment - the way out is to dream bigger.

The crow used her feminine charm and grace to control the situation - to this bird the world is one big celebration, and she is the ultimate hostess. This majestic crow understands that a harmonious life equals success and because of this her health and mental well-being are just as essential as drive and determination.

The foundation for where you are today began with the positive energy of the Queen of Wands. With a focus on creating a healthy content life, you were able to manifest opportunities that led you to the feeling of being in control of your situation and your future - this was the fuel to your fire and spurred you on.

Challenges were quickly overcome, and everything seemed to fall into place effortlessly during this period. It was this feeling of being in complete and total love with your life that led you to your current situation.

Wait - isn't that the Devil at the center?

The crow knows the weaknesses and uses them to manipulate his victims. The shackles the devil uses to keep the weak down are merely just for show - the real strength of the devil is that those under his control do not need to be physically chained to him because the mental bonds are stronger than any metal.

At the center of today's reading is The Devil and with it, something (or someone) is controlling you and because of this attachment - you lost your freedom and the ability to soar freely.

The Devil energy loves to play on our fears and will use all sorts of tricks to numb us to keep us down - this negative energy delights in squashing passions and seeing otherwise strong and confident people suffer from self-doubt.

I once worked for a company that did phenomenally well in the first few years I was there - we were all riding high on the success, and as a team, we felt as if we could do anything! The owner/CEO of this company was incredibly grateful and generous - and just as things were going well - something shifted. Our boss began to worry that it wasn't sustainable and focused his attention on all the clients he wasn't getting and over time feelings of lack infiltrated how he approached the team and his business strategies. He became boorish, ungrateful, and what had started as a morning "shot" to celebrate a good meeting - became a habit that dramatically impacted the health and motivation of his staff. I have no doubt that the Devil energy was present and used my boss's fear of failure as a way to keep him down.

The Devil is coming through this morning because something is holding you back from becoming the best version of yourself.

What are you afraid of or what is holding you back?

Are you giving the fear more energy than the solution that will move forward to a more positive place?

Think of some small actions you can take that will work toward a solution or a goal, even if they are small - it is the act of making a positive step that will begin the process.

The crow sits high on a tree-top, its head in the clouds where it fills each cup with a desire. The bird longingly looks at each one and envisions a life with the possession.

The way to remove the chains of the Devil is to let go of the attachment you have to the present situation and dream a bit bigger. You won't be so concerned with losing what you have in the present moment if you know in the future something far better is waiting for you. When you allow lofty goals to motivate you - whether or not you achieve them entirely the action you put in today will be what frees you from the clutches of the Devil.

If you are afraid of leaving a less than fantastic relationship - one where your partner may not treat you with respect and love you deserve - envision your ideal mate and keep that goal in your mind. Where does this person hang out? What kind of hobbies do they have? How would you meet this person?

If you desire a better job or a different career - what do you need to achieve it?

A great way to take power away from the devil is through planting the seeds of intention in your mind. The energy of the Queen of Wands is at the foundation, and with her strength and grace, the Devil is drawn to this power as it gains his by removing hers.

The Devil is coming through this morning as a wake-up call - when you let negative emotions and fears act as a distraction it depletes the energy you need to move forward or manifest your goals. In contrast, when you are motivated and focused on your goals - the temptations the Devil presents you with will seem almost absurd - like trading the best damn chocolate cake with perfect buttercream frosting for one of those nearly stale pre-packed store-bought brownies. One may take a little longer and more effort to achieve, but it will be far more satisfying!

"And so it is, that both the Devil and the angelic Spirit present us with objects of desire to awaken our power of choice." ~ Rumi



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